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ACNH 2.0 Update: You Can Expect These New Additions!

Posted: Oct 18, 2021

ACNH is finally about to usher in a new update. The ACNH Direct presentation announced that the upcoming 2.0 version will bring exciting content, this patch will be released on November 5th and will be the last major free update of the game. In addition to some brand new features, some previously popular features and characters will also return. IGGM also lists some new content for your reference.

The Roost

Brewster will return to the ACNH 2.0 version. After you help Blathers a favor, he will open his café in the museum. You can enjoy a hot cup of coffee for 200 ACNH Bells with island residents, employees, or visiting friends. You can use Animal Crossing amiibo or amiibo cards.

Kapp’n Island Tours

Kapp’n will park his motorboat at the beach pier, ready to exchange sailors’ secrets for Nook Miles. It can take you on a boat tour to mysterious islands that only he knows. After a hut by the sea and a pleasant ride, you will find that you have entered a brand new place. You will discover new flora on these islands.

Harv’s Island Open Market & Hairstyle

Harv’s Island will also get new features. With the help of Harriet, he will develop a new area behind his home, where the characters can open shops. Gyroids will appear to collect Bell's donations and unlock locations for specific characters to visit. Reese and Cyrus will also visit Harv’s Island and provide special custom furniture customizations that are not available through typical DIY methods. Tortimer will visit, Katrina will tell you your daily fortune, Harriet will teach you new hairstyles, there are 11 new hairstyles.

Group Stretching Exercises

You will see a tape deck in front of the Resident Services building, which you can use for group stretching exercises. Villagers, Isabelle, and others can gather in the plaza for this activity. You can start your day with motion controls or button presses.

Island Ordinance & Upgrades at Resident Services

The ordinances from New Leaf are coming back soon. You will be able to ask Isabelle to enforce island Ordinances, such as Beautiful Island, Night Owl and Bell Room. Early Bird ordinance allows island residents to come and become active earlier in the morning, while Night Owl allows great flexibility for you with your schedule.

Tom Nook will provide more storage expansion, and his island infrastructure menu will allow the island to have 10 bridges and inclines each, and 9 new fence types.

New Villager Interactions

Villagers will sometimes invite you to their home or visit your home suddenly. Interactions are usually outdoor random events, or occasional birthdays, but in 2.0, you will be able to have more social activities with neighbors.

As for the more detailed 2.0 information, IGGM will update in time. This update can be said to be highly anticipated, because the new content is what players have long desired, no matter what new items will appear in the game, once they are officially released, you can directly come to IGGM to buy ACNH Items, IGGM provides all the resources you need in the game.


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