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According To Data - Animal Crossing's Least And Most Popular Villager

Posted: Oct 10, 2020

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, building beautiful islands is only half the battle. If no one appreciates them, then those stunning scenery and wonderful decorations are of little use. This is why choosing villagers to live in luxurious houses built by players has become the main content of the game. Although in Animal Crossing, some villagers are very popular with players, some villagers will arouse players' anger, and players demand that these villagers be removed. So, who are the most popular villagers and the least popular villagers in Animal Crossing?

The Least Popular Villager

The data shows that a lazy horse named Clyde is very unpopular. This unmotivated, glaringly yellow horse is easier to receive an eviction notice order than any other villager. Whether it is the unfortunate design or because of its appalling personality, the conclusion is clear, the player does not want this horse to appear at their houses.

Regrettably, Clyde's unpopularity is mainly due to its uncoordinated color scheme and eyes that look more like small black holes rather than cheery peepers. Many players want a more color-coordinated friend.

The Most Popular Villager

The most popular villager in Animal Crossing is Marshal. Marshal is a smug-type squirrel whose "sulky" catchphrase matches his emo-esque appearance. Putting such an insidious expression on his marshmallow-like makes irresistible to many players. The popularity of this little cute is largely due to his sassy yet charming attitude.

No matter what the result of the data is, you can put it on your island as long as you like it. After all, your happiness is the most important thing.

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