Prepare For Halloween In ACNH: Some Tips On Getting Along With Jack
Prepare For Halloween In ACNH: Some Tips On Getting Along With Jack

Players will celebrate Halloween with their villagers and a special holiday character called Jack on October 31st. Jack is a specter with a pumpkin head who claims to be the "reigning Czar of Halloween". However, we still don't know what Jack's function is. After all, other existing NPCs have received some adjustments.

In past games, Jack appeared in October, and he asked players to give him candy. If you followed him and give him some candy or lollipops, he will give you some spooky furniture. But if you refuse his request mercilessly, then you may be unlucky and he will tease you, for example, he will put moldy clothes on you, or replace your hat with a pumpkin helmet.

To prevent any bad things from happening to you on Halloween, we are going to tell you some tips for dealing with Jack:


Buy candy each day throughout October in your Nook's Cranny: In New Leaf, when Halloween is coming, all villagers on your island will dress up like Jack, which makes it difficult for you to distinguish the real Jack, so we guess the same scene might appear in New Horizons. Jack will ask you for candy, if you refuse, he will tease you. To prevent you from being teased, we recommend that you put at least 15 pieces of candy in your pocket every day. But you can only buy one piece of candy a day, so you have to stock up on candy throughout October.

Buy candy from your friends' islands: Although you can only buy one piece of candy every day on your island, you can still buy candy from your friends' islands!

Make sure your inventory is available: We recommend that your inventory has at least 5 slots open, so that if Jack wants to reward you something, you can receive his gift.


Don't leave your candy on the ground: If you leave your candy on the ground, ants will soon swarm in, so that your hard-earned candy will be lost. So, make sure your candy is kept in a safe place until Halloween night.

Don't put on your favorite clothes around Jack: Because Jack will steal your clothes! If you are by Jack's side, don't wear anything you cherish.

I hope you can finish reading this guide, so that at least you will not be fooled by Jack on Halloween and make sure to have a perfect Halloween night. Halloween is less than twenty days away. If you haven't prepared enough candy and some Halloween-themed furniture, you can go to IGGM to have a look. Maybe there are ACNH Items you need to decorate your island. Buy now and enjoy a 50% discount.

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