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A Complete Guide For Unlocking World Quests In WoW 10.0 Dragonflight

Posted: Nov 26, 2022

World of Warcraft's world quests, also can be said to be repeatable open-world quests, are a kind of quests that players from all factions can participate in. This type of quests rotate and involve different objectives. In general, world quests do not have specific quest givers. As long as you enter an area with world quests, the quests you need to complete will automatically appear in the form of a quest log. Before you can unlock world quests, though, there are a few requirements you'll need to meet first.

World quests in WoW Dragonflight mostly follow Legion's world quests philosophy. The expansion will last longer than world quests in other versions of the game. However, if you can complete the world quests three times a week, not only will you be able to get all the rewards easily, but you'll be able to complete them much faster.

While world quests in Dragonflight are an alternative to gearing up and grinding reputation, they are still somewhat helpful for come in handy for gearing up and getting that sweet reputation. Therefore, to help you get started on your first Dragonflight progress, I'll walk you through the exact steps to unlock World quests in Dragonflight next.

Before you can officially unlock world quests in Dragonflight, you must meet a few basic requirements. First, you need to purchase Dragonflight. And Dragonflight actually has three different editions, namely the Base, Heroic, and Epic Editions. Choose a version based on your personal preferences. Next, all you need to do is have an active subscription or buy game time.

After you meet all the basic conditions, you can start the Dragon Isles journey according to the game prompts. After the journey is over, you can officially embark on the routes to explore and unlock world quests.


First you have to complete the three main storylines. Specifically, you'll need to complete the Waking Shores, Ohn'ahran Plains, and the Azure Span. When you've completed all the storylines, you'll be prompted to complete another main storyline called Thaldraszus. In fact, Thaldraszus is mainly composed of three separate chapters of the story: Valdrakken, City of Dragons, Time Management and Big Time Adventure. You can get the Moving On quest from Nozdormu when you're about to finish the final chapter of Thaldraszus, Big Time Adventure. The main content of this quest is that you need to talk to Alexstraza, which is at the Seat of the Aspects in Valdrakken. By the time you complete this quest, it means you've finished the final chapter of Thaldraszus. Along with that, you'll also get the achievement Just Don't Asked me to Spell It, and unlock world quests in Dragonflight.

At this time, when you open the map, you will see active world quests that appear automatically. However, you should pay attention to that the world quests will be reincarnated. If you need some specific rewards, you must complete the specified quests you need to complete before the world quests cycle.

That's all for this guide. If you want to know more real-time information or guides about WoW Dragonflight, you can pay attention to this website first. Here you can also buy WoW 10.0 Gold. As we all know, gold has always been the best way to level up, fight monsters and get equipment. If you have such needs, you can also check our web.


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