The Elder Scrolls Online: Jester Festival Release Date, Quests And Rewards
The Elder Scrolls Online: Jester Festival Release Date, Quests And Rewards

In celebration of the absurd, the Elder Scroll Online takes the Jester Festival back for the people of Tamriel, here are the full details about the event.

The Jester Festival is set to begin on March 26 at 10:00 AM EDT, running until April 2 at 10:00 AM EDT, during this period, all the participants are required to complete the challenges and earn rewards.

In order to join in the event, you must find the Jester Festival pavilions where located outside the cities of Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard, and Daggerfall. And then speak to the alliance leaders, who will tell you how to start the quests, and gain themed collectibles and consumables, containing consumables, recipes, furnishing, and a Stupendous Gift Box with premium goodies and new fragments for the Sovereign Sow pet inside it. If you have earned three boxes, you can keep earning regular reward boxes with other characters.

This is a festival full of joy, the flying custard filling the faces of ferocious and frantic festival folk, everyone is allowed to acquire Revelry Pies to fling at any and everyone they come across to earn pie based on achievements and experience.

Also, the convention of ESO has not changed, and you can earn the Event Ticket for the next event by completing the quests. Once you complete a Jester Festival quest, you can gain up to three Event Tickets every day, and up to 24 tickets total throughout the event period.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a rich game full of war, monsters, dragons and Necromancers, and it is always providing updated to create more interesting content. Now you can take part in this year's most foolish festival.

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