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Temtem Will Have More Monsters Than Pokemon

Posted: Mar 05, 2020

Posted: Mar 05, 2020

Source:  IGGM

Spanish development studio Crema released a new game called Temtem on January 21, 2020 to start a massively multiplayer creature collection adventure, adding a nuzlocke game more by releasing the monsters, and captured by the players alongside a roadmap.

Currently, Temtem is only available on Microsoft Windows, and the studio planned to have more console ports Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in spring 2021 following up on another roadmap.

The little monsters in Temtem are also called temtem creatures, which are captured and commanded in battles against other Temtem.

The Pokemon-inspired Temtem will add more monsters than original game, but in the early of the game, the advantage was not shown.

Through the content roadmap of Crema, it tells what to do from Spring 2020 to Summer 2021. in a short time, Crema will quickly balance in-game ranked matchmaking, optimize in-game chat settings and club managements, then, more importantly, it will add no less than 50 new temtems by winter 2020 to release the boredom while facing the same creatures, which are essential elements in the game. Although this is still not enough compared with hundreds of options of Pokemon, a good start seems to be half done.

As you all know, maturing from a newbie is a very long process, Crema will add more new content to Temtem to make it more perfect. What we can see now is only a time frame, and the implementation of game content is likely to be adjusted while developing.

High-quality and safe Temtem Pansun could be found on IGGM, letting you on the top of the growing number of players. It added a more flexible economy in Temtem, and Crema did not strictly restrict currency trade in the initial release period, so this is the best time to store Temtem Pansun now, no one is experienced in it ahead of others, but with the help of Pansun, you can go further.


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