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    Loved the service, definitely recommend, will be ordering more at iggm in the future!
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    Very good service, very attentive at all times and very safe, I will buy again.
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    Ordered for the first time and out of sheer curiosity and they did not disappoint! Truly legit! Thanks for helping out. Highly recommend
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    It is ok, after all I got what I ordered.

About Temtem Pansun

About Temtem

On January 21, 2020, Crema released early access of Temtem on Microsoft Windows, and it will come to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch soon, announcing that a brand new MMORPG officially entered the public sight.

Temtem is one type of little creatures noticed in Temtem, the players can capture them for completing quests. Compared to other monsters in general online games, they are more energetic, surely, if the players want a good start, or build an advantage than others in the game, it is necessary to gather up as many temtems as possible.

The biggest advantage in Temtem is that it does not restrict the in-game trading system, that is, players can freely trade Temtems, even in-game currency in Temtem, to make the in-game economy alive.

Buy Temtem Pansun

Not long after Temtem released, the number of players in the game is still steadily increasing, but the demand for Temtem Pansun, the currency used in the game has been skyrocketing. While frequently farming does not meet daily demand, no second way is faster and easier than buying.

IGGM is a trustworthy online store considering the needs of customers to ensure the legitimacy, security, speed of delivery, as well as reasonable price during the trading, all of which rely on its reliable suppliers and the high-quality goods.

On IGGM, all Temtem Pansun are made by real men, which is absolutely safe to buy to avoid yourself farming from the game all day. All orders can be finished within 10 minutes after placing, not any delay.

If you still have any question, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer service, who will be friendly to solve all of your problems.

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Temtem Saipark: Catch Mushi And Adoroboros For The Week Of March 16-22

As one new game released only a few months, Temtem still has a lot of immature aspects, which is what Crema is currently working for. After being moaned several times by players, this week, from March 16 to 22, a new set of inhabitants with shiny cuteness will be staying in Saipark.The two Temtem Saipark inductees are Luma Mushi, the toxic mushroom Temtem, as well as Adoroboros, the Temtem that's half toxic, half mental lizard creature. Where to find the cute creatures?Outside the park, it is three times more likely to find a Mushi Luma, and twice as likely to find an Adoroboros Luma than normal.In order to get into the Saipark, you need to have the hook which can be gained after finishing the campaign as it stands now in the early access version. The entry fee to the Temtem Saipark is extra cheap at just 1,250 pansuns, but you could get only six Saicards included with the price. In case you run out out of Saicards, it is best to prepare more before entering Saipark.Temtem Pansun has wide use, not just to exchange Saicards, and it can't do harm to store as much Pansun as possible.More importantly, the newly added Temtems are not easy to catch, unless you battle with them. So make sure to bring a powerful team for extended fighting in the Saipark.Beyond that, there is a cool hairstyle to gain in Temtem, Airship Engineer Goggles, you are going to need to catch and release a whopping 300 Temtem to get your hands on them throughout the game, but it is really expensive to change your hair.Coincidentally, cosmetics in Temtem are not cheap and need to cost too much Pansun, such as the Airship Engineer Goggles requires 26,999 pansun, it must cost half of the saving for an ordinary player.When you want to buy a cosmetic without enough pansun in the pocket, IGGM can provide help to you, it is selling cheap Temtem Pansun to meet players' daily demand. It will be everywhere when you need it, making your game easier.

Compared To Pokémon, Temtem Top Features To Play

What a popular game is Pokémon, known by all children. Years of development have allowed it to build up a strong player base, and let it be often compared with other games from various aspects. Among them, a newly released MMORPG Temtem has been mentioned many times with its many similarities with Pokémon, and analyzed their respective advantages and disadvantages. The article is about the significant features of Temtem to play.Generally speaking, the release of Temtem was inspired by Pokémon, that is to say, it inevitably reworks part of the original game, but not copy.MMOStrictly speaking, Pokémon is not an MMO, but Temtem encourages players to interact with others through a main quest and more side tasks. Or there is someone who is not one for battles, it’s also good to find fun bombarding an NPC's home, or joining a group.With Temtem, it provides more flexible battle modes, and expand more different and better than Pokémon, rather than playing alone.Battle ModeIt is undeniable that synergy in games can make a group stronger, especially in Temtem full of various battles, which is more obvious than in Pokémon. In Temtem's 2v2 battle system, the stamina meter can not only clearly show your stamina but also your opponent's to let you better judge how long the battle can last, and accurately choose the timing to attack or retain physical strength. It is impossible to appear in Pokémon, so if you want to defeat your opponent in Temtem quickly, just keep a little longer when his stamina reaches zero.Main CharacterIn order to better integrate into the game, it adds a lot of NPCs in Temtem, each of them seems to know others, and say hello to all, accompany to complete the quests, that is, you could be the real main character in Temtem, rather than a group of Temtem creatures, this is a different experience than Pokémon players didn't have.Temtem has added a flexible currency to play, Pansun, which is allowed to trade in the game. While Temtem releases, the players' demand for Temtem Pansun is also increasing.IGGM is willing to provide you all with high-quality, safe and reasonably priced Temtem Pansun for a long time after considering the real needs of consumers, this is an absolutely safe store that can bring convenience to your game anytime, anywhere.

Temtem Will Have More Monsters Than Pokemon

Spanish development studio Crema released a new game called Temtem on January 21, 2020 to start a massively multiplayer creature collection adventure, adding a nuzlocke game more by releasing the monsters, and captured by the players alongside a roadmap.Currently, Temtem is only available on Microsoft Windows, and the studio planned to have more console ports Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in spring 2021 following up on another roadmap.The little monsters in Temtem are also called temtem creatures, which are captured and commanded in battles against other Temtem.The Pokemon-inspired Temtem will add more monsters than original game, but in the early of the game, the advantage was not shown.Through the content roadmap of Crema, it tells what to do from Spring 2020 to Summer 2021. in a short time, Crema will quickly balance in-game ranked matchmaking, optimize in-game chat settings and club managements, then, more importantly, it will add no less than 50 new temtems by winter 2020 to release the boredom while facing the same creatures, which are essential elements in the game. Although this is still not enough compared with hundreds of options of Pokemon, a good start seems to be half done.As you all know, maturing from a newbie is a very long process, Crema will add more new content to Temtem to make it more perfect. What we can see now is only a time frame, and the implementation of game content is likely to be adjusted while developing.High-quality and safe Temtem Pansun could be found on IGGM, letting you on the top of the growing number of players. It added a more flexible economy in Temtem, and Crema did not strictly restrict currency trade in the initial release period, so this is the best time to store Temtem Pansun now, no one is experienced in it ahead of others, but with the help of Pansun, you can go further.