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Radiation In Fallout76 Damages The Pacifists

Posted: Nov 28, 2019

Although endless bugs often appear in Fallout 76, the new added feature still surprises the fans. In the original game, all players who did not shoot back will not be killed, they are called the pacifists or bystanders, that is, no one can kill any bystander, no matter what method is used.

However, some old players found a solution to the issue, the radiation attack, which will kill all the players within a certain range, even if someone is away from the battle. The nuclear explosion itself did not cause much harm to other bystanders, but the radiation from the explosion did not make any difference. Therefore, the nuclear weapons in Fallout 76 will be used more to kill other players without fear.

As the radiation attack is frequently used, many players reported to be killed when doing something irrelevant, such as just buying something at vending machines, this seriously affects their game experience and process.

Worse, attacking players can even use additional skills to expand the range of radiation attacks for killing more defenders. Obviously, this is a deadly injury.

Players are reporting this urgently needed bug to Bethesda, but they have not received the direct response so far.

At the same time, other issues in Fallout 76 caused a large number of duplicated items to appear suddenly in the game. When a nuclear mine may be copied into an infinite number, this will cause greater casualties.

Except for the radiation attack, there are several ways to be killed in Fallout 76, such as being blown up by Scorchbeasts, glitching through the ground and ending up halfway across the map in a catatonic, and more. But that is it's supposed to work through effectively avoiding killing the pacifist.

The demand for currency in Fallout 76 will plunge you into endless farming, which is a chore. If you don't have enough Fallout 76 Bottle Caps in your pocket, please contact IGGM as soon as possible and it will quickly provide you with what you need to enhance your characters.


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