Players Claims To Be Stolen Weapons By Fallout 76 NPCs
Players Claims To Be Stolen Weapons By Fallout 76 NPCs

"I swear, when I meet the bad guy who stole my favorite weapon again, I will definitely blow it up and take it back", we heard a roar in Appalachia and came closer to see that a victim had been snatched the gun and all of its ammo by NPCs after he was killed.

This is a bug existing in Fallout 76 Wastelanders, and NPC would steal weapons from dead players to take it for themselves. Bethesda made a huge overhaul to Fallout 76 with Wastelanders, especially the addition of NPC has brought the world of Fallout 76 to new residents and vitality.

NPCs always appear beside the dead and loot their weapons and ammo, what's more serious is that these NPCs are unfortunately not giving the weapons back when they're done with them, which has caused too much loss for players who have spent a lot acquiring legendary gear.

To be honest, adding NPC to Wastelanders is a pretty good move, as they can follow you into combat and guide you through the main quests, similarly, thanks to a bug, you are always worried about the emergence of NPCs, who can occasionally nab your prized loot when you die.

As of now, Bethesda has not put forward any solution to deal with the bug, and the reports of NPC pickpocketing have spread, so you should not take your most valuable weapon with you heading into an event, but stay at home.

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