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Phantasy Star Online 2: How New Genesis Connects With The Current Game

Posted: Sep 07, 2020

There are many questions about Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. This is a new game and expansion game that will be launched next year. One of its main features is the ability to transfer characters between games. This makes many players wonder how it will work.

First, although many things can be transferred from the current game New Genesis, the reverse is often not true. There will be new items, emotes, outfits and other things in PSO2: NGS. These things do not in the current game and cannot be transferred. There is also a statement that new and old body cosmetics cannot be equipped together. This may be because both games have received graphical upgrades, but the character models will be different, and the "morph" depends on what game the body cosmetic comes from. Most of your cosmetics collection from CAST parts, outfits, hair and accessories will be transferred to New Genesis.

For your large collection, storage is not a big issue. Storage information (even expansion slots) will be shared between games, and items in PSO2 can be accessed as long as they still exist in New Genesis. The only exceptions are Alliance and Meseta Storage. Meseta will not be transferred, replaced by a new currency. Your alliance still exists, but it will not be exactly the same.

Sega said that there won't be Alliance Quarters, Trees or Storage, but that Alliance Chat will cross the game. It sounds like Alliance Quarters are getting a downgrade, but we still don't know much about it. Whispers and Group Chats can also be used between games.

Your character will be in a similar position. Levels, skills, and any character progression will not be transferred over to the New Genesis. Instead, everyone will start again at level 1, and not all weapons and units can be used due to using different skins.

We haven't heard any news about the classes or whether there will be major gameplay changes, but as the release date approaches, we may hear more. IGGM will always follow the news of Phantasy Star Online 2, if you are also interested, please bookmark the news page of IGGM.

If you are a player of Phantasy Star Online 2, then I guess you may need Meseta, as the universal currency in PSO2, its role needless to say. If you want to buy cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta, IGGM will be a good choice.

And now go to IGGM to buy Meseta, you can still enjoy a 50% discount. The shortest answer is doing! So don't miss it.


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