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Path Of Exile Is Expanding To Mobile Devices, GGG CEO Said

Posted: Nov 16, 2019

In the past few hours, Grinding Gear Games released a number of important announcements at ExileCon, including the details of POE 3.9.0 expansion that was advertised for a long time. Beyond that, Path of Exile 2 release announced by GGG caused a stir in the crowd, which is a new game with many differences from the current POE. And then, GGG also released a short brief without much explanation, but the fans realize clearly that Path of Exile is coming to mobile devices, from Grinding Gear Games CEO Chris Wilson, Path of Exile is appearing on smartphones of everyone as a free game along with a fair monetization strategy before POE 2 release.

Noting is more exciting than this, fans can't wait to see fresh content in Path of Exile, but it must be mentioned that GGG is not very sure whether POE Mobile would be released. In other words, the expanding of POE to mobile may be forced to stop for some reason in the future.

Starting from a keynote speech, Chris Wilson spoke too much about the development of POE, as well as the future plan. He also mentioned Diablo IV announced by Blizzard not long ago at BlizzCon.

Beyond Path of Exile Mobile release, GGG also released an explosive news, it plans to launch Path of Exile 2 by 2020, adding a new 7-act story based on the current plot. Although it would be changed many of the core setting and system, it has never been considered a separate game.

So far, we don't know the release date of POE 2 and POE Mobile, during this period, GGG will never stop releasing the expansions of POE.

Now, ExileCon is still going on, and you can click the livestream to learn every important detail at any time. Besides, Grinding Gear Games also revealed POE 3.9.0: Conquerors of the Atlas, along with a part called Metamrph League will be launch on December 13 on PC, and it will come to Xbox One and PS4 in the following week.

POE Currency has always been a topic of great concern to players, which is used commonly to purchase equipment and weapons in the game. With every update, we will update the related products on IGGM, because this is a real-time store, which could provide what you want at any time. Now we accept all reservation of POE 3.9.0 Currency, you can get more in your pocket.


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