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Path Of Exile Harvest League Guide: Balance Adjustments

Posted: Jun 17, 2020

Following Delirium league coming to an end, the POE 3.11 expansion called Harvest is set to be released on June 19 for PC, surrounding farming monsters. Simply put, exiles can find seeds and plant them in every area they explore, and then grow into dangerous monsters, this is what players have to deal with and plunder Lifeforce from them.

Apart from a series of newly added items and changes/ improvements of the existing ones, it will rebalance from many other aspects in Harvest, such as two-handed weapons, Warcries, Brands, and the article mainly introduces part of them.

Two-handed Weapons All high-level two-handed melee weapons have been rebalanced in Harvest, making greater difference among weapons types. Each of which is a huge risk and rewards, but compared to one-handed weapons, their power is declining accompanied by a slower movement speed and more defensive advantages. Since each weapon has its own implicit mod, fitting the mechanic related to its weapon type, they can also play different roles among the characters.

When it comes to melee combat, the power and utility of weapons are significantly increased to higher damage, correspondingly, a series of skills related to two-handed weapons were also improved, Warcries skill is one of the obvious types, which greatly benefit slower attacks, synergising with weapons very well.

BrandsIt introduced three new Brands and have revamped existing ones in Harvest, which could clear out areas with a very passive playstyle and deal damage to bosses or monsters in less time.

As Brands can't access many challenging mechanisms, it has made some adjustments in Harvest, especially the Brand recall, allowing the brands to drop at their original or recalled location when the enemy they are attached to is slain to kill more monsters and unlock rewards.

Moreover, Brand Recall no longer refreshes the duration of Brands, along with longer cooldown and lower value of cooldown recovery per level. As a result, this is expected that players can build their own brands and invest more, which could save a lot of game time on other content.

These changes let the entire game mechanics get improved a lot, and when Harvest is released, more details will be shared, some of the content we mentioned above may also be changed.

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