Path Of Exile 3.9 Guide, Along With Metamorph League Challenge
Path Of Exile 3.9 Guide, Along With Metamorph League Challenge

November is busy, on its first day, Blizzard announced the release of Diablo IV at BlizzCon, and then Grinding Gear Games revealed the major announcements including Path of Exile 2, Path of Exile Mobile, as well as Path of Exile 3.9 at ExileCon. Considering that GGG did not make such an attempt in the previous expansions, adding an extra league challenge Metamorph in POE 3.9.

Path of Exile 3.9.0, named Conquerors of the Atlas, is set to launch on December 13. Here is guide for the upcoming expansion of POE.

With POE 3.9, there is a lot of freshness to be added and rework for bow builds. The exiles will encounter the endless grind, and were trapped by Zana in the Atlas. Fight with the opponent to upgrade the maps, and it is expected that everyone could be fighting with the Atlas Conquerors roughly every six maps, which could increase the difficulty of several quests.

Especially for gaming enthusiasts, this will be an unprecedented challenge, so they can get a lot of unusual rewards. In addition, there is a new Support System to add new gems, which could allow the exiles to pick up from where level 20 support gems and add new features.

For rework of bows, it makes huge adjustments to Ranged Attack Totems, adding a pair of new support gems, one could turn all skills to a Barrage-style attack, and the other could turn them into a rain, firing them in a nova from further away.

POE 3.9 is more than just a new league, along with Metamorph, it introduces a new NPC, Tane Octavius, who is a master alchemist studied in Oriath. He was exiled to Wraeclast for killing his teacher, and his goal is to find a cure, or the source of the "intrinsic darkness" to get rid of the guilt.

In the Metamorph league, you can nearly decide what you do. Tane will collect samples from the monsters you killed and create a formidable Metamorphic foe to defeat, which is your own boss. Every sample from yourself has the potential to change the shape of the huge boss, in other words, you could control completely the boss's ability and what rewards it could bring.

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