Path Of Exile 3.11 Expansion Guide: Harvest The Seeds You Plant
Path Of Exile 3.11 Expansion Guide: Harvest The Seeds You Plant

We are so happy to remind you again that Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest will be released on June 19 for PC, and the existing Delirium league mechanism is coming to an end. There is no doubt that a lot of new content will be brought to POE. Here is a comprehensive introduction that will let you learn about Harvest within three minutes.

Hi, Oshabi
Oshabi is a new NPC, when you meet it in Sacred Grove, who could teach you to plant seeds and grown them into dangerous monsters to plunder their Lifeforce, this is the main challenge you'll face in Harvest league.

Seed Cache
There are seed caches in every area you explore, and they will spawn seeds for you to plant dangerous and rewarding monsters, especially some very unique ones. Although harvesting is a very fulfilling thing, it is worth noting that you’d better bring weapons at all times in POE, because what you will plant is not beautiful flowers or fruits, but monsters that will cause you sudden damage.

Planting and Harvest
In your garden, every seed you plant will grow into a monster to provide their Lifeforce for you to craft. Surely, the seeds are also divided into different tiers, each of which has its growth cycle, apart from harvesting, you hardly need to do anything else. Moreover, all you can get from the cache is Tier-1 seeds, and the Tier 2 seeds are occasionally dropped from Tier 1 monsters, the Tier 3 seeds are from tier 2 plants.

Some seeds can grow spontaneously, but the Lifeforce created by exotic seeds can be gathered with condensers, dispersers and collectors to use for crafting.

As always, monsters you kill can drop a lot of rewards for their difficulty, even if they were planted by yourself. In Sacred Grove, each type of seed you plant will grant different crafting options to help players improve and craft other more advanced weapons and equipment.

As a result, in order to diversify your rewards, you need to plant more types of seeds in the garden, similarly, they will grow into monsters and drop a variety of rewards.

Beyond that, there are many new items to be released in Harvest, which will come to PC on June 19, if you are users of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you wouldn’t be able to play until June 24.

Until then, if you need to buy POE Currency to make your game better throughout Harvest league, don't miss IGGM, a global online store, it can provide you with cheap and safe ones.

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