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POE 3.10.0 Delirium Will Launch For PC On March 13 With Nightmares

Posted: Feb 27, 2020

Just yesterday, GGG revealed the details of the upcoming new expansion of POE in an announcement, along with its release date, which has given new interests to the long-awaited fans. The expansion called Delirium is very different from any one of the past, featuring facing one's inner fears and making some of the game's legendary fights ever more difficult.

During POE Delirium, the players will encounter the Mirror of Delirium and shroud the nearby area in mist by interacting with the Mirror. Moreover, the mist can make new monsters spawn and existing monsters more powerful, such as the Brine King. The fragmented, creepy mirrors are scattering throughout the world with a hazy mirror image of themselves visible just beyond them.

While transporting into a foggy parallel dimension, you'll be beset by horrific new monsters and strange fog-borne mutations of existing foes for about a minute, which is much tougher than the normal rank-and-file critters. The further you push out from where you found the mirror into the strange new world, the harder things become.

Danger is always everywhere, you will encounter the league challenges you once mastered again under the effects of Delirium, such as Legion, Blight, and more.

Surely, if you don't want to put yourself in danger, the best way is to fight with bosses, but all the challenges will not let you do it for free. All the rewards in POE are almost the same, such as a full set of gear, which reflects the rewards after defeating the nightmares in Delirium.

One of the important newly added POE items is Orbs of Delirium, which could control how intense your Delirium is. Each orb can plunge you into Delirium for the entire duration of that map, and each five orbs can be applied to a map for ultimate difficulty and rewards.

POE Delirium is planned to launch for PC on March 13, and before coming to PS4 and Xbox One the week of March 16.

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