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How To Remove The Villages From Your Island, Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Posted: May 28, 2020

We already know that when you live on an island throughout Animal Crossing New Horizons, you could invite other villagers to visit the islands, who sometimes could provide effective information. Also, as the owner of the island, you certainly have the right to decide whether these villagers go or stay.

When inviting new villages to the island, you can also remove the existing ones. Here is how to remove the villages you don't want from your island.

First of all, you can remove those villages who want to move out from your island. So how to judge them to leave? If you see a villager walking around with a thought bubble over their head, once you talk to them, the system will automatically start a conversation about move, and after a few days, the village will leave your island.Regularly collating the date can bring a lot of additional information, the villagers will leave the island, but this is not completely random. Ninji posted on Twitter to analyze the conditions that the villages should move:

When there are 6 villagers on your island, one will consider leavingWithin 15 days of a village leaving and vacating a piece of land, no one can move outWithin 5 days of chatting relocation, no one can move out.

However, some villages are not required to leave the island if their house is being moved, birthday was in the last 7 days, they have been picked last time and moved in most recently.

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