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Final Fantasy XIV Expansions Are On Half-Off For Black Friday Sale

Posted: Nov 30, 2019

Posted: Nov 30, 2019

Source:  IGGM

Now the Black Friday Sale is in full swing, the developer of Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix provided the special offers on the official site, showing that the expansion Shadowbringers and complete edition for Final Fantasy XIV are sold at half price, and it won' t stop until December 3, 2019 at 07:59 GMT. Here is quick access to Final Fantasy XIV.

Almost all retailers will take full advantage of such a shopping carnival to increase sales, and this is also the biggest discount that consumers can get in one year.

Starting from the first expansion Heavensward of Final Fantasy XIV, it has provided a lot of new content to players through various updates. This is indeed a good opportunity to buy the entire content at an ultra-low price. What's more, many presents are also given away for free by Square Enix during the event.

In order to thank all the old customers for their support, we are providing special offers on IGGM for all products during the Black Friday period.

From November 28 to December 2, everyone with any amount costing on IGGM can get a 6% off for every order. And once the event is coming to an end, everything will be sold at the original price immediately.

IGGM is a trusted third-party marketplace, at present, the products it sells include the currency and items among popular MMORPGs, such as POE Currency, Final Fantasy XIV Gil, ESO Gold, etc. And each one has the rich inventory and reliable suppliers to meet your daily needs.

The reasons for choosing IGGM:

Low PriceThe long-term customers can bring stable benefits, which is the rule of IGGM. Beyond the Black Friday Sale, it always provides the special offers from time to time for various goods in order to allow consumers to buy more with less money.

Rich Product varietyThe products on IGGM will be updated frequently based on the development of the market and different versions of a game. Anyway, it can provide nearly everything you need when playing the game.Excellent service No handling fee, no communication fee. No matter when you contact IGGM, the 24/7 customer service will patiently answer all your questions until everything is resolved well.

The site will be improved based on customer requirements, come and buy something, you will not regret your choice.


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