Final Fantasy XIV Confirms New Housing Plots In Patch 5.4
Final Fantasy XIV Confirms New Housing Plots In Patch 5.4

In FFXIV, almost all servers have a controversial problem, that is, the lack of player housing. In FFXIV, housing is an important part. Many players want to own their own home. However, due to the current health crisis, the automatic destruction function of inactive players' houses has been stopped, so players who cannot play during an extended period of time could still play the game.

Of course, this change is a good thing for players who already have houses in the game, but now due to the expansion of new trial, players are flowing into the MMORPG, which makes housing more scarce.

FFXIV producer Yoshida said that their team is spinning up new servers, but due to COVID-19, the work on getting them lives is slow going. However, the team is committed to improving the existing FFXIV data centers to add new plots for homeowners. Additionally, the team is optimizing the current servers to allow for more plots by the release of patch 5.4.

So players who already have houses in the game should be happy for this, but novice players can experience other content of the game even if you don't have a house. You can use FFXIV Gil to continuously improve your equipment, and use FFXIV Gil to buy some food and Potion, or use it to increase your level to experience the next content of the game. If you don't have enough FFXIV Gil, you can choose to go to IGGM to buy it. The product price lower than the market price is not the only advantage of IGGM. The fast delivery speed is always praised by customers, which means that if you buy the items you need at IGGM, you can not only buy the most with the least money Satisfactory things, and you can receive the goods in a short time. This is simply a win-win situation for players.

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