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Farm, Or Buy Animal Crossing Bells, Which One Is More Worthy?

Posted: May 26, 2020

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you were sent to a deserted island, all your task was related to clothing, food and housing. But you were not required by any fixed goals to complete any specific tasks, except earning Animal Crossing Bells to pay for the house loans, expanding houses, and decorating islands.

In this game, there are two main types of making money, farming and buying.

While Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game completely related to agriculture, surrounding with all daily activities of players in the game, such as weeding, collecting resources, catching bugs, planting trees, etc, these are methods to make money. That is, in the game, even a newcomer will not be penniless, of course, even if you do nothing all day and don't make any bell, you can stay on the island permanently, and no one will expel you.

The disadvantage of relying on farming completely is time-consuming, because the time in New Horizons is consistent with reality, no one can change the time in the game, so it is also a long time even just waiting for a tree to mature.

Compared to farming, it could save more time and energy to buy Animal Crossing Bells, but the most important thing is to choose a reliable store to prevent being deceived.

Someone thinks that there are many ways to earn ACNH Bells in the game without any cost, so it is not necessary to buy from the store. But for those who want to make rapid progress and improve the game efficiency, it is better to purchase additional service.

When there is demand, there is a market. Outside of the game, there are many shops to sell various items and resources from Animal Crossing New Horizons, which are marked with prices and hung on the homepage, and then players can place orders according to their needs.

Here is a store,, to buy a variety of items related to Animal Crossing New Horizons, along with Nook Miles Tickets.

As for which method is more worthy, for different player groups, they'll have their own choice. If you just want to relax through the game and enjoy a part of the game, the bells you earn by farming all day is enough to meet your daily needs, but if you are one of those who want to play it faster and have a greater advantage than other players, it is also worth the money.

This is a quick access page to Animal Crossing Bells for sale, hopefully it will help you.


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