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Fallout 76 Wastelanders Update Release Delayed, Again

Posted: Apr 01, 2020

If everything goes as planned, the major update of Fallout 76, Wastelanders will arrive on April 7, along with huge content improvements and the addition of fully-voiced human NPCs, but now it is already changed.

Bethesda explained that affected by COVID-19, multiple countries all over the world are facing a critical situation, in order to protect themselves and others' safety, the developer Bethesda of Fallout 76 has transitioned to remote work and limited the in-person interactions.

During the particular period, the final testing of Wastelanders update was affected, so its release date was delayed by one week, until April 14.

Bethesda is asking players for understanding and apologies, which is beyond everyone's expectations, but soon, everything will return to normal.

In the preview, we already knew that Wastelanders would bring fully-voiced NPCs to enable dialogue between players and NPCs, beyond that, there are also two main events as Wastelanders releases.

The Radiation Rumble, where the players are cornered by some deadly glowing creatures while gathering ore, they need to unite and protect themselves with the right amount of firepower. Therefore, in the Public Event, players have two main tasks, protecting the scavengers form different enemies, and collecting irradiated ore, the more ore collected, the more rewards they can get.

The another one is Riding Shotgun, allowing players to head on over to the Big Bend Tunnel East to make the merchants through the mountains.

No matter when these events are released, Fallout 76 will continue to create new content for players, in order to play Wasterlanders update well, Fallout 76 Bottle Caps can exchange the advanced equipment to enhance characters, if needed, you can find Caps on, as farming is always tried and time-consuming.


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