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Fallout 76 Wastelanders PTS Would Return For The Next Update

Posted: Apr 24, 2020

After Wastelanders release for a while, it was mostly positively reviewed with human NPC and dialogue system, but nothing is perfect with endless technical problems, as Fallout 76 players still found a huge bug throughout the update, Bethesda is already working on solving the issue, and proposing Fallout roadmap for what Fallout 76 players can expect over the next month, the hugest highlight of which is the return of Public Test Server.

In order to gather up more community feedback for the next update, Bethesda plans to re-open the PTS from next Thursday, April 30, lasting for several weeks, also, every participant of Fallout 76 is allowed to provide any idea or report to make contribution on the improvement of Fallout 76. The next update was set to launch in May.

In order to participate the PTS, you can only be invited as only a limited number of players can be accommodated in Fallout 76 servers. Before returning, you could sign up to choose when and how to participate in the PTS again, hopefully you could be the lucky one.

Beyond that, in order to make you have more fun during the time, there are many community events to participate in Fallout 76 over the coming weeks including Purveyor Sales, Double XP and so on.

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