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Fallout 76 Players Discovered Armor Bug While Reloading

Posted: Dec 12, 2019

Posted: Dec 12, 2019

Source:  IGGM

The players are no longer surprised that someone has found another armor bug in Fallout 76, although the developer Bethesda has quickly explained it's aware of this bug and is actively investigating a solution, it is almost impossible for players to believe that Fallout 76 will run well as expected.

From the latest update of Fallout 76, some players found that their defense stats would drop, mainly in the special and set effects of Legendary armor. And it's not just one player who has complained about it, there is even someone who shared a video on Reddit to demonstrate the whole process in real time.

It can be clearly seen in the video, the original armor stat is 519, but after firing, the player reloaded, the armor stat has dropped to 414, and the energy resistance also drops by around 25%.

What's more serious is that more weapon bugs are discovered in Fallout 76, with weapons and armor breaking much more quickly than expected, and some weapons can only last more than ten seconds.

Nothing could be worse than the players seem to have lost interest in the game when the holiday event of Fallout 76 starts, after all, it is difficult to kill the giant Scorch Beasts flying around Appalachia with the armor bugs.

It is difficult to ignore such technical problems in Fallout 76, and in the past year, Bethesda seems to be constantly making fixes and adjustments, but many problems have still been ignored. Currently, Bethesda is looking into the problem, and tried to explain it via various aspects, but there is not any reason to figure out why the problem sometimes occurs by now.

Before Bethesda gives the final explanation, someone guessed a couple of possible workarounds for the bug: Unequipping and re-equipping the affected armor will reset resistances, and some players have reported that crouching while reloading will bypass the bug entirely.

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