Fallout 76 Players Are Snapping Up Toilet Paper And Driving Up Prices
Fallout 76 Players Are Snapping Up Toilet Paper And Driving Up Prices

Under the influence of COVID-19, Americans have to stop all outdoor activities as much as possible and choose to stay at home, as indoor isolation and self-protection are the keys to safety. It is not reasonable that people like to flood into the supermarket and rush to buy toilet paper instead of food or water before the huge catastrophic events.

What's even more incredible is that players in a virtual game like Fallout are also busying shopping a lot of Toilet paper to store, and even selling it in their own store with the much higher price.

For consumers, the absence of toilet paper is like doomsday, they are obsessed with collecting any toilet paper that can be found in Fallout 76, which undoubtedly interferes with the in-game economy.

The originally ordinary and even useless item is often sold to 25,000 Bottle Caps in Fallout 76, and the toilet paper is still a shortage, at the same time, more and more players are starting to match prices, the in-game items are measured by the value of toilet paper.

In fact, this is just the panic of consumers in the face of sudden disaster, like COVID-19 outbreaks, whether in real stores or games, the toilet paper production technology supported by the modern economy is sufficient to maintain the normal demand of all people, on the contrary, panic-prone behavior will make normal sales worse and cause unpredictable consequences.

As a result, if you've spent 30,000 Caps on a roll of toilet paper in Fallout 76, don't panic, it's just a game, and don't bring the feeling into real lift, this is the best way to fight the virus.

Knowing that you don't want to be defeated in the "battle" for toilet paper, you need more Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to buy at least one roll of toilet paper to have a common topic with other players. If your pocket happens to be empty, you can come to IGGM and search for F76 Bottle Caps, it will quickly send you what you need.

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