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Fallout 76 Is Doing Something To Improve Wastelanders Update Gameplay

Posted: Mar 11, 2020

Bethesda announced on Game Days 2020 to release Wastelanders in April. Before it drops, the Fallout 76 team had done much work in order to add a load of NPCs in the world once populated only by players and monsters.

This is a huge upgrade that NPC is scheduled to appear in missions, even as the main character, and these will supposedly also offer interesting dialogue options in a similar vein to those of traditional Fallout games. The function has been criticized by players more than once, and it seems to be something that should have been improved since the initial release of Fallout 76.

According to Fallout 76 team, adding NPCs is a huge project beyond the budget much, and it is precisely because only the best quality content is worth breaking the bank.

In order to make the fully voiced NPCs more real, Fallout 76 did not use any sound synthesized by computer technology, instead of voice acting by professional voice actors, which cost too much to hear the difference in Wastelanders.

Also, the goals for NPCs and quests in Wastelanders are also clearer. In the past Fallout 76, it just continuously provided a lot of unplayable instant tasks, with the release of update, it aims to create some more substantial quests for the game revolving around a coherent storyline and a reasonable rhythm to make playing more fun.

Anyway, Fallout 76 is developing into an active one, all of which will be revealed when the Wastelanders updated launches on April 7.

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