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Enjoy Free ESO Plus Benefits Until April 27

Posted: Apr 21, 2020

Before April 27, as long as you are playing the Elder Scrolls Online, it is available to enjoy the ESO Plus benefits for free, including full access to all DLC games, craft bag, and so on.

The ESO Plus service costs $15 per month to experience ESO anew with bonuses to XP gains, access to DLC content, double bank space, unlimited storage for crafting supplies, and more. With the ESO Plus free trial, no one costs to enjoy these benefits, which gives players a good opportunity to access the new Harrowstorm DLC to kick off the year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim throughout the Elder Scrolls Online.

During the event, also from now to April 27, you can play for free including:

Free access to DLC zones, quests, dungeons and more.A Craft Bag to offer unlimited storage for all creating materials.Double Bank space for all characters on ESO account.10% increase to Experience and Gold acquisition, Crafting Inspiration and Trait Research rates.Double Furnishings and Collectibles space in player housing.Exclusive ability to dye costumes.Double Transmute Crystal storage.

All of the above are full of temptations, hurry up and get your rights through logging in to the Elder Scrolls Online, and select "Free Trial" in the Crown Store. By the way, the free trial of ESO Plus doesn't include the monthly crown stipend and ESO Plus deals.

With free trial, you have more opportunities to get ESO Gold through unique quests and locations, giving your XP a boost.

While playing ESO, there is indeed a huge demand for ESO Gold. And if your inventory is in short supply, you could find enough at IGGM, along with more other MMORPG virtual currencies and equipment, it is a completely trustworthy store, where you enjoy the perfect shopping experience to make your game better.


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