Elder Scrolls Online Would Launch Google Stadia On June 16
Elder Scrolls Online Would Launch Google Stadia On June 16

Starting from May 26, the Greymoor chapter launched Elder Scrolls Online on PC, and June 9 for consoles, showing the start of all-year Skyrim's dark heart adventure. With the chapter, you'll encounter the vast underground city beneath Skyrim, along with a new Antiquities system across Tamriel for special items.

What's more, Elder Scrolls Online also set a release date of Google Stadia, which will launch on June 16, allowing cross-play between Stadia and PC of Elder Scrolls Online with the same account. That is, ESO Stadia version will retain all the content on PC, including the Greymoor chapter that has just launched.

As a game with a base of 15 million players, ESO is clearly a popular game, in addition, its non-subscription service is free for all Stadia Pro users, which will bring a strong boost to the game, and is expected to catch up with the first two more famous MMOs, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.

You can access the base game and Morrowind expansion of ESO for free on Stadia, or you can subscribe for $14.99 per month and become the ESO Plus member to enjoy all DLCs for free, as well as other more additional benefits, including 10% XP boost, craft bag and ESO Gold, otherwise you only need to purchase each DLC separately.

Currently, Greymoor Chapter is available and you can start the challenges and encounter new enemies. In order to complete the task better and faster, you need to use a lot of ESO Gold to enhance strength and competitiveness.

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