DOFUS Kwismas Pet Mystery Box Content And Update 1.31
DOFUS Kwismas Pet Mystery Box Content And Update 1.31

You are still looking forward to a Christmas gift, even if you are in your teens, aren't you? Open a mysterious box and find a total of 9 Kwismas pets inside it, nothing can be more thrilling than such a gift. Ankama Games has a gift for everyone in DOFUS, a new version of the Kwismas Pet Mystery Box, and there is a new pet, the Scrabrrrt, capable of cracking nuts and acorns with unsettling ease, and it can also bring you some unexpected gifts including:

4 days subscription(10.2% rated)
Sour Pearldrop(10.2% rated)
Face Change Potion(10.2% rated)
Colour Change Potion(10.2% rated)
X4 Kwismas(10.1% rated)

Prez'Doh'Brrmann(8% rated)
Prez'Doh'Bl(8% rated)
Prez'Doh'Blik(8% rated)
Prez'Don'Bstruktion(8% rated)

Aispik(4% rated)
Pikip(4% rated)
Storf(4% rated)
Prez'Don'Bivalent(4% rated)

Scrabrrrt(1% rated)
Jackpot all the pets(0.1% rated)

The pet box is available until December 20, and the gift code #RETRONOWEL2019# can be used before January 5, 2020.

Merry Kwismas to everyone, you must have begun the holiday season, have fun.

Beyond that, Ankama also added an update 1.31 to DOFUS before Christmas, featured the bug fixes and additions to improve the in-game comfort.

Now, you can view the entire update list and check them one by one via DOFUS's official website.

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