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Bethesda Is Censured Seriously, Because It Banned a Fallout 76 Account That Sniffs Out Bugs

Posted: Nov 12, 2019

Posted: Nov 12, 2019

Source:  IGGM

Fallout 76 is one of the Fallout series released in November 2018 by Bethesda Game Studios, and it received mixed reviews from players since its first release, many have criticized the poor game settings and countless technical issues in it, but millions of Fallout 76 copies have sold out.

The current Fallout 1st service made Fallout 76 to attract the public attention again, which added a subscription mode to the game, requiring players to pay $13 per month for some special benefits and convenience. However, the service is not accepted by all the players of Fallout 76. Even they were automatically divided into two groups, paid and non-subscribed players, and triggered a civil war.

The paid players formed a clan, Apocalyptic Aristocracy, claiming to find more fun in such a game with so many shortfalls, while the other side of the civil war insisted on not paying for the game.

This directly or indirectly leads to worse contradictions, today's topic is that Bethesda is censured seriously, because it banned a Fallout 76 account that sniffs out bugs in it, and it is also a member of Fallout 1st.

According to the player's complete text, he tested a bug in Fallout 76 with Fallout 1st and then reported it directly to the community managers, but the account was immediately banned. After that, the player and his team have been trying to contact Bethesda for reply or explanation, but weeks passed and no one has responded to them.

Then, he asked Bethesda to cancel and get a refund for Fallout 1st membership, surely, he still did not get answered from Bethesda, the aggrieved Fallout 76 player was anger with the producer, and decided to shut down all development and support for Fallout 76 related tools including Map76.

Fallout 76 seems to be a game that doesn't satisfy the players, instead, it often apologizes to the players for bugs or other problems, which doesn't improve the poor condition. Each update even brings more bugs, which makes the game worse.

For example, the immortality bug once appeared in Fallout 76, allowing the players to be undead forever, finally the players have to contact the producer to hope the characters are killed.

More seriously, Fallout 76 once caused the players' personal data to be compromised due to a major error, such as the email address.

Luckily, the owner of Fallout 76 account finally got a response from Bethesda after spending some atoms, no apology, no refund, and even refused the requirements using the account already spent the gift card as an excuse.

It is obviously unwise, because of a small contradiction, Bethesda lost its long-term stable income from the owner with six Fallout 76 accounts, and even a good reputation. It is hoped that Bethesda will realize that the release of Fallout 76 is to give players a better game experience, not just making money.

If you are still in Fallout 76, it is expected that it can get better, this is also our original intention to create IGGM, we hope to make more MMOs better, so we are always providing a variety of effective services and guidance.

Or, buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, the in-game currency, to save your game, which would allow you to avoid becoming a bug-seeker.


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