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Animal Crossing New Horizons Was Surpassed By Minecraft Dungeons, Dropping From The Top Of Nintendo eShop

Posted: Jun 08, 2020

Starting in March this year, a simulation game developed by Nintendo called Animal Crossing New Horizons is popular all over the world. Although it does not conform to the trend of popular games, it can become the top of the major game lists in a short time.

But this did not last forever, after all, Animal Crossing New Horizons seems to be a static game, which does not meet the challenges and psychology of people now. Recently, someone posted on Twitter that Minecraft Dungeons has surpassed Animal Crossing New Horizons and become the best-selling game in the US eShop, and it is also NO.1 on Switch.

Compared to Animal Crossing New Horizons, Minecraft Dungeons game does have more advantages. First of all, its price is only $20, which is much lower than that of Animal Crossing New Horizons, which sells for $59.99, players are more willing to spend less money to try something new.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, players will not be required by any goals, which makes the game very casual, but Minecraft Dungeons is more like a clearance game, requiring players to complete challenges of different difficulty, also with the level of improving, it will take more time to complete these challenges.

In a word, Minecraft Dungeons is a game worth playing, but it is a different type of game from Animal Crossing New Horizons, that is, you can play both.

If you want to find a solution to temporarily break away from the heavy work in real life, there is no better than playing Animal Crossing New Horizons, because in it, no one will ask you to do anything but having fun.

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