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All Animal Crossing New Horizons Players! Are you Getting Ready For Halloween?

Posted: Sep 19, 2020

The change from summer to autumn is a big event in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It means new weather, new fish and bugs, and one of the best holidays of the year: Halloween. Some players have started decorating their islands for this festival.

They designed custom clothing designs, candy bowl hats for trick or treaters, and custom lanterns with spooky outlines to spread around their towns. Some players are keen to transform their entire islands into cute haunted houses and pirate ships, others are just excited to return to the Spirit Halloween store.

Many players said that compared with New Leaf, New Horizons does not have so many Halloween-themed decorations. They had to be creative and design to fill the pumpkin patches and let the weeds spread to create abandoned cemeteries.

Players hope that Nintendo's next New Horizons update will add a special Halloween event to the game, including spooky furniture, just like the Bunny Day event the developers did for Easter. The official announcement video for Nintendo's second summer update did mention a free update that will be released in the fall alongside an image of Jack, Animal Crossing's pumpkin-headed Halloween czar. so we can look forward to it.

At the same time, players have collected all the spooky-adjacent items they can find for their designs, such as the spider webs from the Bug Off and the wedding pipe organ from the June in-game event have become popular for Halloween-themed decorations.

If you also want to start decorating your island to welcome Halloween and buy some Halloween-themed decorations, this is not a small expense, but don't worry, IGGM will solve this trouble for you! You can go to IGGM to buy the items you want. The price of ACNH Items on IGGM is lower than the market price, and now you can also enjoy a 50% discount. Don't miss it.

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