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D2R Ladder Runes


  • PC
  • PS4/PS5
  • Xbox One/Series
  • Switch


  • Ladder Softcore
  • Ladder Hardcore
  • Ladder Softcore
  • Ladder Hardcore
  • Ladder Softcore
  • Ladder Hardcore
  • Ladder Softcore
  • Ladder Hardcore

  • El – #1


    El(Number 1)
    Clvl Required 11

    Weapon +50 AR +1 Light Radius
    Armor/Helm/Shield +1 Light Radius +15 Defense

    El – #1

  • Eld – #2


    Eld(Number 2)
    Clvl Required 11

    Weapon: +75% Damage vs. Undead +50 Attack Rating vs. Undead
    Armor/Helm: Lowers Stamina drain by 15%
    Shield: +7% Blocking

    Eld – #2

  • Tir – #3


    Tir(Number 3)
    Clvl Required 13

    Weapon: +2 Mana Per Kill
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +2 Mana Per Kill.

    Tir – #3

  • Nef – #4


    Nef(Number 4)
    Clvl Required 13

    Weapon: Knockback
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +30 Defense vs. Missile

    Nef – #4

  • Eth – #5


    Eth(Number 5)
    Clvl Required 15

    Weapon: -25% Target Defense
    Armor/Helm/Shield: Regenerate Mana 15%

    Eth – #5

  • Ith – #6


    Ith(Number 6)
    Clvl Required 15

    Weapon: +9 to Maximum Damage
    Armor/Helm/Shield: 15% Damage Taken Goes to Mana

    Ith – #6

  • Tal – #7


    Tal(Number 7)
    Clvl Required 17

    Weapon: 75 Poison damage over 5 seconds
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +35% Poison Resistance

    Tal – #7

  • Ral – #8


    Ral(Number 8)
    Clvl Required 19

    Weapon: +5-30 Fire Damage
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +35% Fire Resistance

    Ral – #8

  • Ort – #9


    Ort(Number 9)
    Clvl Required 21

    Weapon: +1-50 Lightning Damage
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +35% Lightning Resistance

    Ort – #9

  • Thul – #10


    Thul(Number 10)
    Clvl Required 23

    Weapon: +3-14 Cold Damage (Cold Length 3 seconds)
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +35% Cold Resistance

    Thul – #10

  • Amn – #11


    Amn(Number 11)
    Clvl Required 25

    Weapon: 7% Life Stolen Per Hit
    Armor/Helm/Shield: Attacker takes 14 damage

    Amn – #11

  • Sol – #12


    Sol(Number 12)
    Clvl Required 27

    Weapon: +9 to Minimum Damage
    Armor/Helm/Shield: -7 Damage Taken

    Sol – #12

  • Shael – #13


    Shael(Number 13)
    Clvl Required 29

    Weapon: Faster Attack Rate (+20)
    Armor/Helm: Faster Hit Recovery (+20)
    Shields: Faster Block Rate (+20)

    Shael – #13

  • Dol – #14


    Dol(Number 14)
    Clvl Required 31

    Weapon: 25% Chance that Hit Causes Monster to Flee
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +7 Replenish Life

    Dol – #14

  • Hel – #15


    Hel(Number 15)
    Clvl Required 33

    Weapon: -20% Requirements
    Armor/Helm/Shield: -15% Requirements

    Hel – #15

  • Io – #16


    Io(Number 16)
    Clvl Required 35

    Weapon: +10 Vitality
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +10 Vitality

    Io – #16

  • Lum – #17


    Lum(Number 17)
    Clvl Required 37

    Weapon: +10 Energy
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +10 Energy

    Lum – #17

  • Ko – #18


    Ko(Number 18)
    Clvl Required 39

    Weapon: +10 Dexterity
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +10 Dexterity

    Ko – #18

  • Fal – #19


    Fal(Number 19)
    Clvl Required 41

    Weapon: +10 Strength
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +10 Strength

    Fal – #19

  • Lem – #20


    Lem(Number 20)
    Clvl Required 43

    Weapon: +75% Extra Gold from Monsters
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +50% Extra Gold from Monsters

    Lem – #20

  • Pul – #21


    Pul(Number 21)
    Clvl Required 45

    Weapon: +75% Damage to Demons +100 AR against Demons
    Armor/Helm/Shield:+30% Defense

    Pul – #21

  • Um – #22


    Um(Number 22)
    Clvl Required 47

    Weapon: 25% Chance of Open Wounds
    Armor/Helm: +15% Resist All
    Shields: +22% Resist All

    Um – #22

  • Mal – #23


    Mal(Number 23)
    Clvl Required 49

    Weapon: Prevent Monster Healing
    Armor/Helm/Shield: Reduce Magic Damage by 7

    Mal – #23

  • Ist – #24


    Ist(Number 24)
    Clvl Required 51

    Weapon: +30% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +25% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items

    Ist – #24

  • Gul – #25


    Gul(Number 25)
    Clvl Required 53

    Weapon: +20% AR
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +5 to Max Resist Poison

    Gul – #25

  • Vex – #26


    Vex(Number 26)
    Clvl Required 55

    Weapon: 7% Mana Leech
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +5 to Max Fire Resist

    Vex – #26

  • Ohm – #27


    Ohm (Number 27)
    Clvl Required 57

    Weapon: +50% Damage
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +5 to Max. Resist Cold

    Ohm – #27

  • Lo – #28


    Lo(Number 28)
    Clvl Required 59

    Weapon: 20% Chance of Deadly Strike
    Armor/Helm/Shield: +5 to Max. Resist Lightning

    Lo – #28

  • Sur – #29


    Sur(Number 29)
    Clvl Required 61

    Weapon: 20% Chance of Hit Blinds Target
    Armor/Helm: +5% total Mana
    Shields: +50 Man

    Sur – #29

  • Ber – #30


    Ber(Number 30)
    Clvl Required 63

    Weapon: 20% Chance of Crushing Blow
    Armor/Helm/Shield: Damage Reduced by 8%

    Ber – #30

About D2R Ladder

Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder is a competitive closed realm Multiplayer mode in Diablo II, Season 1 was released on April 29, 2022. To play and get your name to rank up on the Ladder, you need to create a new character for that specific purpose, unable to receive help or otherwise interact in any way with non-Ladder characters, and vice-versa. The Ladder added different content that couldn't be accessed otherwise, like the Pandemonium Event, where players could obtain the Hellfire Torch and fight Uber versions of old foes, which encouraged players to immerse themselves into playing Ladder-specific characters.

What's New In Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 4?

Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 4 has arrived on May 4, bringing with it a host of exciting new features and updates. Players can look forward to a fresh start with a brand-new ladder, as well as a range of balance changes, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements.

One of the most significant changes in Season 4 is the addition of new runewords, which will allow players to craft powerful new items with unique properties. There are also several new unique items to discover, as well as revamped skills and abilities for many of the game's classes.

In addition to these gameplay changes, Season 4 also introduces a range of cosmetic rewards for players who climb the ladder and reach certain milestones. These include new portraits, pets, and wings, as well as exclusive transmogrification options.

Overall, Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 4 promises to be a thrilling new chapter in the game's ongoing evolution. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of Sanctuary, there's never been a better time to jump in and start exploring all that this classic ARPG has to offer.

What are Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Runes?

We all know that Ladder is equivalent to a season in Diablo 2: Resurrected, and Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Rune is what players can use to synthesize powerful weapons and equipment in this season. At the end of a Ladder season, players who successfully made these D2R Ladder Runewords will have their Ladder characters be moved into a “non-Ladder” version of the game. Then at the beginning of the next Ladder season, players will make a new Ladder character and start all over again to earn new rewards and more D2 Resurrected Ladder Season 3 Runes.

But what players have to admit is that the speed and efficiency of earning D2R Ladder Runewords through normal methods are too low. In other words, it can't be satisfied with the increasing demand due to players' increasing strength. Therefore, players must find another way, such as buying Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Runes by IGGM.com.

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D2R Ladder Season 4 Update Patch Notes: Feature Changes, QOL & Bug Fixes

Today I want to talk about D2R Ladder Season 4 patch notes. To be honest, there haven’t been too many exciting changes in this blog post, I kind of get it now that D2R Ladder is kind of going into maintenance mode.

It’s definitely a bit obvious at this point, but some small specific changes in this blog post will have pretty profound effects on a few different selected characters. So I think this update is worth our attention. If you’re excited about these upcoming changes, keep an eye out for this update. Then, let’s get started.

Feature Changes

So the first big change to note here is that players will now have four additional character slots in all online modes. You have to choose between deleting a character and starting a new one in a new league. Of course, I’d never criticize having extra character slots.

In my opinion, for all ARPG games these days, this is pretty bad, if you really look at the size of character files like single player character files. It’s small, and there may be differences between servers.

But the other four extra character slots are also a good thing. Now they also note here that the latter character switching to Non-Ladder for the first time will be able to reset skill and stat points when you basically get your Akara Reset Skill again, moving from Ladder to Non-Ladder.

They say this is to encourage players to try out their builds. I mean, it’s not a bad thing to get it. It’s not really a major change. It equipped all chat lobbies with an automated system that removes malicious messages from these conversations. This is mostly for spam players who are annoying that no one can mute to stop it, like spam in chat. So it’s actually a positive change.

QOL & Bug Fixes

So moving on to some quality of life updates and bug fixes. They’re not really tremendous changes, but I think they had a relatively profound effect on several characters. Now the first change is a bit vague wording in my opinion.

It states that the next hit delay system now only applies to missiles spawned by casting the same skill. It’s worded vaguely, but my understanding is the next delay mechanism.

It still applies to each individual skill. So only use Druid as an example here. Before these patch notes, if you were to cast Volcano and one of Boulders dealt Volcano’s damage, there was a specific exit delay window that would negate the damage from other abilities like Fissure.

From what I understand, they’ve changed this so that the next delay window still applies to individual Volcano skills. But it doesn’t negate other skills like Fissure. So in theory you should be able to teleport since Fire Druid puts Fissure and Volcano in the same location and they don’t cancel each other out. But the next hit delay window still applies to each individual ability.

So it’s essentially a mechanic to prevent certain abilities from doing a lot of extra damage. Now this obviously has the effect of making certain characters stronger, for example, Mosaic Martial Arts Assassin will make the building stronger. But it doesn’t really affect a lot of other characters, like Nova Sorceress, so it’s another interesting change.

I know people might be very upset about tuning Mosaic Martial Arts Assassin’s skills. At least for Fire Druid builds. But I think it’s a positive, move-to-fixed change.

But I think there are other sets and D2R Ladder Items that can help players get more buffs. Examples include Barbarian’s Immortal King set, Aldur set for Druid, and Assassin’s Natalya’s Odium set. I think it’s more worth revising and improving. Again or change, it’s a good thing.

The next point here is that it is now possible to morph directly between worlds from any form. The intention here is to make morphing less clumsy than it used to be. So I see it as improving the quality of life, thereby encouraging more build diversity.

There are also minor bug fixes included here, like fixing graphics issues or connectivity issues or audio queuing with Amazons, which will make the game experience better for players.


But overall, I think any changes it makes in order to move forward again are positive. I really believe D2R Ladder is in maintenance mode and most of the focus will be on Diablo 4. But developers can implement slight changes that don’t require a lot of resources, and that can have quite far-reaching effects. Anyway, I believe this patch will not let you down. Good luck.

D2R Ladder Season 3: Best Druid Class Build Guide

If you are looking for a D2R Ladder class with a simple game style, continuous damage ability, and a lot of damage to the enemy, then I think Druid Class will be your best choice in the game. In fact, Druid Class is the same as most professions, but players can often use the correct character construction to play the best role of Druid, which is where this guide can help players.

Below, I’ll introduce you to Druid Class’s best build in Diablo 2 Ressurection Ladder Season 3, Fissure Druid. At the same time, it will also tell you how to choose the best equipment and use the most suitable skills for him.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Druid Class

Druid has always been one of the most popular occupations among players in D2R Ladder Season 3. Because in team battles, whether it is against a single enemy or a group of monsters, it will cause a high damage output. Not only that, Druid is also very easy to use, even for novice players. However, Druid still has some disadvantages.

Compared with other professions, Druid has low mobility, and if the player uses a fast head-on attack, it is easy to accidentally get injured. However, there will also be some countermeasures. The best build for proficiency in Druid, Fissure Druid.

Fissure Druid

Players can increase their resistance to fire damage up to level 11 when constructing Fissure Druid. At the same time, its Fissure and Armaggedon skills can also cause a large amount of damage output to the target enemy in a relatively wide AoE range. Using this skill, players can easily deal with a group of enemies.

Players can also combine its Firestorm with Molten Boulder or Volcano when facing a single powerful enemy. The player’s other skills can still be used in the cooling state, and even ignore the enemy’s defense, becoming an unstoppable force of nature.

For some physical damage, its Molten Bolder and Volcano abilities can even hit enemies that are immune to fire damage. When used in conjunction with Sunder Charm mechanism, it can further weaken the enemy’s resistance to the player’s elemental damage, causing continuous damage to the enemy. In the meantime, you can also use some D2R Ladder Items to further enhance your builds, including:

Which Mercenary Is Better For Fissure Druid Build

Like most builds in Diablo 2, players can hire Desert Mercenary from Act 2 from Greiz. It Might Aura also help you attack enemies that are immune to your damage. Especially when the enemy on the player’s side is very strong. Might Aura can help you further weaken the enemy’s defense. At the same time, he can also destroy all monsters, including immunity to fire damage.

You can also choose to equip your Desert Mercenary with Reapers Toll. This item can greatly increase the physical damage output of your Mercenary in Molten Boulder, Volcano, and Armageddon. However, I still feel that Infinity is the best because it helps you deal with more sustained damage to enemies.

That’s all my advice to players when using Druid’s best build Fissure Druid. Of course, you can also randomly try some other alternative builds. However, I would still recommend Fissure Druid as the best build in D2R Ladder Season 3. Hope these will help you. Come and try it out.


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