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Zenless Zone Zero: Learn These Tips To Get A Head Start When Entering The Game! - Beginner’s Guide

Posted: Jun 26, 2024

Zenless Zone Zero is coming out on July 4th, and every player might be wondering what they need to know. Today, we’re going to cover all the information about Zenless Zone Zero, including what Zenless Zone Zero is, Combat System, Gacha System, how character pulls work, how to level up characters, assemble a team, and more! Now let’s get started!

About Zenless Zone Zero

First, you might want to know what Zenless Zone Zero is. It's an urban fantasy free to play Action RPG that combines fast-paced combat with a hub world. Here you can interact with NPCs, take part in side quests, and even have the opportunity to hang out with some of the game's characters occasionally.

Overall, the hub world has a lot of features that you can fiddle with and eventually unlock more as the story progresses. If you want to experience all the features as quickly as possible, getting a proper Zenless Zone Zero Account is a good choice.

Zenless Zone Zero: Learn These Tips To Get A Head Start When Entering The Game! - Beginner’s Guide

Combat System

If you’re looking for a more dynamic aspect of the game, Combat System is more worthy of your attention.

Combat in Zenless is flashy, fun, and fast-paced, and it has several important mechanics to pay attention to, such as your HP, to ensure that you don’t take too much damage.

The energy you build up during combat allows your character to use special enhanced attacks, Daze Meter. As your character attacks an enemy, Daze Meter goes up, and once it’s full, the enemy is stunned, meaning they can’t move, and now you can do more damage to them.

Your character can also unleash Ultimates, which light up when your damage rating reaches 3000. Each character has their own unique Ultimates, and I have to say the animations are pretty cool.

Zenless also features Assist Attacks, which are very useful when the character you’re playing as is being knocked back, and can put you in a better position in combat.

Some other things involved in combat are parrying and dodging enemy attacks, so taking advantage of parrying and dodging will be crucial, especially in the later game modes. Because enemies will eventually hit harder, not dodging or parrying their attacks can cause your entire team to go down.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that you also have a cute little buddy fighting alongside you. They are called Bangboos and can provide valuable perks or buffs to the team.

Zenless Zone Zero Battle Guide

Combat Mode Explained

Combat is required to advance the storyline, play Combat Commissions, Exploration Commissions, as well as Shiyu Defense, Hollow Zero, and Rally Commissions. Basically, every major mode in the game involves combat, especially for the endgame modes.

Shiyu Defense

For those familiar with Honkai Star Rail, Shiyu Defense is similar to Memory of Chaos. Your goal is to defeat the enemy within a limited time, and you will be awarded 0 to 3 stars based on how fast you beat the stage, and the more stars, the more rewards.

Shiyu Defense currently has 10 stages, and when you complete a stage with 3 stars, you will be rewarded with 300 Polychromes, which is the premium currency for the gacha element of the game.

As you progress in Shiyu Defense, the later stages will require you to enter with two teams, which means you have to deal with multiple characters the deeper you get into the mode.

The best part is that Shiyu Defense resets periodically, so you will earn more premium currency after the mode resets. This will be a very important mode to keep in mind as you build your characters, as it will be one way you will keep earning premium currency over time to attract new characters.

Hollow Zero

The other ultimate mode is Hollow Zero. For those familiar with Honkai Star Rail, Hollow Zero is basically Zenless’ version of a Simulated Universe. Hollow Zero is a fun roguelike mode where you collect buffs for your characters and you will have negative or positive encounters as you go through the mode.

You can form a team of three. You can only choose one character at the beginning, and as you collect buffs through the mode, you will gain two more team members.

At the end, you will fight a boss, and the fight will become very challenging as you fight the mode harder and harder.

Personally, Hollow Zero is actually one of my favorite modes in Zenless, because the buffs and results are different every time you run through it. What’s pretty nice, though, is that there’s a weekly reset, as well as commissions that allow you to earn premium currency from playing the mode, as well as materials to upgrade your Bangboos.

Basics Of Characters

Now that we've covered the basics of some of the game's modes and combat, let's discuss the basics of characters.

In Zenless, characters will be called Agents, and you can have a team of up to 3 Agents at a time. Each Agent has their own element, faction, and a role and attack type they specialize in.

Elements include Fire, Physical, Ice, Ether, and Electric. Each element has a unique Attribute Anomaly that’s very useful to trigger in combat.

As for factions, they are the groups that characters belong to. For example, Nicole, Anby, and Billy are part of Cunning Hares, while Ellen, Rina, Lycaon, and Corrin are part of Victoria Housekeeping.

Roles in Zenless are very important, as are character elements. Roles can include Anomaly, Attack, Defense, Support, and Stun. Attack characters will deal powerful damage and knock down enemies quickly. Support characters can provide buffs, utility to allies, or provide enhancements to the team.

As for attack type, it will include Strike, Slash, and Pierce. Agents will also be able to gain additional benefits depending on the team they are with, which is mainly based on character element and attack type.

Zenless Zone Zero: Basics of Characters

Gacha System

Next, I want to discuss the basics of Gacha System. It will include a limited character banner that has a pity of 90 and a 50/50 chance of getting a limited character. If you fail to get a limited character, the next attempt will guarantee getting them.

There will also be a W-Engine banner where you can get more W-Engine as well as limited ones. With a pity of 80, you will have a 75/25 chance of getting a limited W-Engine.

We also have a Bangboo banner, but this banner does not consume premium currency like the limited character and W-Engine banners. Bangboo banners consume Coup-Ens, F2P resource that can be earned from missions, events, and various modes in Hollow Deep Dive. This currency cannot be acquired with real-life currency, so it’s essentially just a free banner.

In addition, at the beginning of the game, you will also have a starter banner that allows you to get one of the standard characters for just 50 standard pull currency.

So as long as you keep progressing in the game and get more pulls, you should be able to get your first 5 stars relatively quickly.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, this game does have a lot of potential in terms of gorgeous combat, interesting events, and improvements over previous betas.

And a recent developer interview mentioned that they are working on multiplier modes, which is very exciting, and it’s also very fun to be able to play with friends. Let’s wait and see!


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