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Zenless Zone Zero: Is It Worth Trying For F2P Players? - Free Characters & Pulls Overview

Posted: Jun 26, 2024

With Zenless Zone Zero launching on July 4, everyone is probably wondering how Free-To-Play Friendly it is? Today, we’re covering what players need to know about the free characters in ZZZ, how they benefit team building, how many pulls F2P players can get in Zenless Zone Zero 1.0, and more! Let’s get started now!

Free Characters Overview

First, I want to quickly cover each of the free characters we’ll get in Zenless Zone Zero, as well as some examples of teams with free characters.

Based on the latest beta, there will be Anby, Billy, and Nicole as the starting characters in your Zenless Zone Zero account, followed by Corin Wickes, Soukaku, and Ben as your freebies.

Zenless Zone Zero: Is It Worth Trying For F2P Players? - Free Characters & Pulls Overview


Nicole is an Ether Strike Support character with an AoE ability that creates an energy field that gathers enemies together and deals Ether damage to them. This is a good supportive utility for Nicole, and can help you build up your Attribute Anomaly to gain an advantage in combat.

You can use Nicole to crowd enemies, then utilize Crowd Control Ability to switch to another character that can hit multiple enemies. This can help you stun enemies or build up an Attribute Anomaly on an enemy to quickly increase your team DPS with Nicole’s utility.

Nicole is also the only Ether Element character besides Zhu Yuan. Zhu Yuan is the second limited 5-star character after Ellen, and with Nicole on the team, you have a support that pairs well with Zhu Yuan.

As I mentioned before, whether you can get additional bonuses depends on the characters on your team. Assuming Nicole retains her bonus for having another Ether Element ally, she will gain specific additional benefits from having an ally, Zhu Yuan. Overall, Nicole will be a good support character for your team, and can provide quite useful overall utility.


Next we have Anby. She is an Electric Stun character that excels at accumulating Daze Meter, which is used to stun enemies and chain attacks.

Having a character that excels at accumulating Daze Meter can help the team increase damage output, as chain attacks allow you to deal a lot of damage to enemies. And according to the previous beta, there are a lot of mechanical enemies at the beginning of the game, which are weak to Electric Element.

Overall, Anby definitely helps build up Daze Meter for your team and is a wonderful asset in the early stages of the game.

Zenless Zone Zero: Anby Gameplay Display


As for the third starting character, you have Billy. Billy is a super cool robot with a super cool gun.

Billy is a Physical Attack character, essentially a Ranged Physical DPS. Billy has a very fast attack speed and can be a very strong starting DPS on your account. According to the previous beta, Billy has excellent damage output and can help you progress in the game.


However, I personally prefer Corin. She is also a Physical Attack character. More importantly, Corin will be gifted to us from the pre-registration rewards.

Corin is able to accumulate Daze Meter a lot, and her attack frequency helps with the accumulation of Attribute Anomaly.

Based on the previous beta, her skill set will have some anti-interruption function on some of her attacks, which can make it easier for her to frequently output damage.

However, Corin players need to know when to use her attacks to attack enemies. Because her animation is long when you continuously click or hold Chainsaw attacks button, you have to be aware of how much damage she can take in a fight.

Based on the previous beta, her Physical Anomaly is also very good, as it will deal huge physical damage to the enemy. Based on her full equipment, if they keep this aspect from the previous beta, Corin has the ability to reduce the physical resistance of the enemy, which will make her a useful asset to pair with other physical characters.

Overall, Corin looks like she will be a great F2P DPS option in Zenless, and she is a lovely maid, so I will give her a bonus point.

Zenless Zone Zero Corin


Next we have Ben. This is a Fire Defense character, and from what we’ve seen so far, he’ll be the only Defense character so far.

Ben’s strong defensive abilities make it easier to fight enemies, especially when you’re just starting out in the game. What’s unique about Ben, though, is that he has special combos with the standard 5-star character, Koleda.

Koleda and Ben are a great pairing, as the combos Koleda unleashes will include Ben, and her attacks will now be stronger. If you do end up getting Koleda from the standard 5-star banner, I highly recommend investing in Ben. That way, not only do you get the cool duo animations, but you also get a stronger DPS output, making this Fire-centric team composition even more powerful.


As for the last free character we’ll get, that’ll be Soukaku. Soukaku is an Ice Support character that does a great job of increasing Daze Meter and even helps trigger Ice Anomaly, which allows you to freeze enemies.

Soukaku is also a great support character for the first limited 5-star character, Ellen. If you end up getting Von Lycaon, Soukaku can also be a great boost for him and you can combine all three into a team.

Speaking of Soukaku’s value, I think she’s a great support character that’s worth considering once the game is released, especially for all those who are interested in Ellen.

Speaking of the free nature of the game’s characters, I personally think that the free characters we get can really help clear content and create a team based on the characters you end up getting from the 5-star selector.

Overall, when it comes to free characters and the potential team combinations you can make, I do believe that they will be a valuable asset to make team building smoother and provide a good foundation for your team, which can be seen as F2P-friendly in a way.

Zenless Zone Zero Soukaku

How Many Pulls Will F2P Players Get?

In addition, as of recently, we have also summarized all the pulls that we will roughly get in Zenless Zone Zero 1.0. You should definitely check them out.

On average, F2P players will get 129 standard pulls, 152.9 limited pulls, and 142 Bangboo pulls in patch 1.0.

You will be able to get your first 5 star guaranteed in the starting banner using 40 standard pulls, and then use the remaining 89 pulls to get your second 5 star character on the normal standard banner. Being able to get two standard 5 stars is a great start for every account.

As for limited pulls, if you end up getting the maximum 90 pity, you will be guaranteed to hit pity at least once. I think this is great because this can help you get Ellen or Zhu Yuan as soon as possible.

As for Bangboo banner, this is a completely free banner, as the currency can only be earned by progressing in the game, playing quests, etc. You can also earn pity on Bangboo banner, so if you are interested in one of the limited banner bangboos, you can try to get them as well.

Overall, when looking at the free characters we’re getting and the projected pulls of the game, I do think that if you get all of them, your team will be pretty solid. See you next time!


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