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WOW TBC Classic: The Best Addons For Making Your Trip Through Outland As Smooth As Possible

Posted: May 25, 2021

The game experience of WOW Classic is quite poor. When it comes to adventure, the base game does not provide players with many directions, so it is necessary to use external help to create a smoother experience at this time.

There are already many addons that can be integrated into your game, making it easier for you to travel through Azeroth. WOW The Burning Crusade Classic leaves a lot of room to add odds and ends. Below are some of the most important addons, you can consider downloading before the TBC release.


Its value lies in providing a sense of direction for the countless quests provided by WOW. Between automatically tracking quests and displaying their objectives on the mini-map, Questie's functions have been used by any TBC player in the century. There is no built-in tracking quest system in TBC, so Questie can enhance the player's gaming experience.

Deadly boss mods

It provides detailed breakdowns, timers, and alerts, dungeon and raid boss mechanics in real-time, so it is necessary. TBC Classic considers boss encounters, especially those that will be expanded in the future, which is a very vague beginning and external help.


It is essential in TBC because it displays all the necessary information for your character at a glance. By displaying the total gold, the bag space and the precise location with coordinates, it can provide you with all the quick information you need when upgrading or preparing for a raid.


It is an ideal addon to track your process in each attunement chains, because it individually shows how far along in each chain you’re for each dungeon and raid. Whether you are entering Karazhan for the first time or slowly approaching the climax of Sunwell, Attune is perfect because it knows how long it will take before you can pass through a raid entrance.


The ideal DPS meter in WOW Classic is not applicable in TBC. Recount is a simple addon, the actual DPS number ranking is specified by the player in the panel. Because stats like damage throughput are usually not included in the game, but once you have Recount, it will provide a brief overview of how you are performing compared with your teammates.


Reputation grinding is an indispensable part of TBC. When you reach the top level, you will begin to unlock various rewards and items. RepByZone can automatically change the reputation bar at the bottom of your screen to the most relevant faction depending on where you are. In other words, if you are in Zangarmarsh, it will show your Sporeggar reputation. It can automatically track all 19 reputations based on your location in the world, which will bring more convenience to you.


It allows you to click on the links pasted in WOW's chat and open them directly in the browser without having to manually enter a URL.


It can put all the bags in your inventory to one interface instead of seeing five 10-slot bags.

So if you want to have a better gaming experience when TBC starts, then downloading these addons in advance is a good choice. Now everyone is preparing for the arrival of TBC, one of which is indispensable is TBC Classic Gold.

Whether you want to make a fortune at the beginning of TBC or quickly gain an advantage in the game, you need a lot of WOW TBC Classic Gold.

Now IGGM has launched the cheap TBC Classic Gold, so players who are still considering buying TBC Gold can act immediately. Come IGGM to buy TBC Gold will be your best choice.


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