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WOW Classic TBC Tier List: What To Play For BC?

Posted: May 06, 2021

With the re-release of the WOW Classic expansion coming up in form of The Burning Crusade, it is time to see which classes are better and which may be harder to get around.

S Tier - Best of the Bunch


It will shine because of some great gear and the most powerful DPS spec with Beast Mastery. The Beast Lord Armor set is to give Hunters some pretty crazy DPS early, you can get it before any raid out, which means Hunters have access to some high-quality gear before some more challenging content is released.


With the very powerful spell Bloodlust/Heroism, Shamans increases the entire team or raid by 30% for 40 seconds. Bloodlust/Heroism not only defines Shaman itself but also creates a specific window for every boss encounter, where the spell will pop up, thereby changing the outcome of any battle.


The Destruction Warlock will make this class crazy, which can usually generate the most DPS in the raid, when paired with the Bloodlust/Heroism haste buff provided by Shaman. When Destruction also gets the talent "Improved Shadow Bolt", it will be strengthened.


In terms of healing, Holy Priest's output on the AOE healing and single target are the most consistent. Staples like Fear Ward and Power Word: Fortitude and Prayer of Spirit continue to keep Priest at the top of the list. Shadow-weaving increases the shadow damage to the target by 15%, which means that all your Warlocks will be happy to see a Shadow Priest appear in the team.

A Tier - Excellent Picks


The AOE damage that this class produces in the game is unparalleled, which leads to a meta, that is, the use of spells in the dungeon, and the room for mobs have become an invincible upgrade method. TBC is where Mages tone it down a bit, their AOE is still unparalleled, free food and drink, intellectual buff and ancient reliable nature are still there.


Protection Warrior is still the strongest main tank in TBC Classic, with super valuable personal cooldowns, such as Shield Wall and Last Stand. However, Fury Warrior has better DPS options, unless your raid keeps funneling your gear. Otherwise, Fury Warriors' DPS will continue to lag.


Druid has a large amount of applicable value in all of their specs, starting with Balance Druids giving a raid-wide 5% spell crit increase, the hit chance is increased to the melee group, stimulation to maintain healers at full mana, and combat rez. Guardian Druids can cause some explosive damage to the boss.

B Tier - Great Picks but with Weaknesses


Rogues continue to shine in the open-world PVP and battlefield, and is one of the best PVP classes. Cloak of Shadows gives Rogues a powerful cooldown, instantly eliminating all existing harmful spell effects, and increasing your chance of resisting all spells by 90% for 5 seconds.


In the buff game, Paladin is still a titan. If a team wants to max/min their Paladin and their buffs, then it is good to bring three Paladins so that everyone can have their own unique seal activated.

You can choose the right class according to your needs, as long as you use it properly, they are all very powerful. As for the necessary WOW Classic Gold in the game, you can come to IGGM to buy it.

WOW Classic Gold can almost help you solve most of the problems you encounter in the game, so when you are in trouble, you can ask external sources for help. It is also a good choice to come to IGGM to buy cheap WOW Classic Gold.


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