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WOW TBC Classic Enchanting Guide

Posted: Jun 04, 2021

In WOW TBC Classic, Enchanting is one of the most important classes, allowing powerful stat rewards to be applied to your weapons. The base Enchanting Skill of the newly added Blood Elves has +10 to their Arcane Affinity passive. This means that the recipe will remain orange to get 10 extra points, and crafting orange difficulty items will always bring skill upgrades.

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Enchant Guide

First of all, you need to find your enchanting trainer in Outland to get your enchanting cap, from 300 in WOW Classic to the new cap of 375.

For Alliance, Johan Barnes is located in Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula. Johan is located on the second level of the Wizard’s Tower on the cliff.

Coordinates: 53.6, 66.0

For Horde, Felannia is located in Thrallmar on the Hellfire Peninsula. Felannia hides under the stairs on the second floor of the tower on the cliff.

Coordinates: 52.2, 36.0

How to Enchant Items?

Just like in WOW Classic, Enchanters must directly enchant items. If you are an Enchanter and want to enchant other players' items, other players can pass the items to you through the "Will Not Be Traded" tab in the trade window, and you can complete them there.

The new expansion means new class items, and TBC is equipped with three new rods for Enchanting. You must keep them in your inventory for Enchants to work.

Enchanting Materials

Runed Fel Iron Rod: An enchanted version of Blacksmith’s Fel Iron Rod, used to enchant items in the 290-350 range.

Runed Adamantite Rod: An enchanted version of Blacksmith's Adamantite Rod used to enchant items more than 350 items.

Runed Eternium Rod: An enchanted version of Blacksmith’s Eternium Rod that can be used for some enchants at 375.

As an Enchanter, any gear can be disenchanted. Crafting material is granted depending on the rarity of the disenchanted item. The crafting materials obtained from disenchanting are necessary conditions for enchanting.

Green Items: Green rare items always drop 5 Arcane Dust, and there is a chance to get Lesser Planar Essence or Greater Planar Essence. Greens can be obtained from most quest rewards, and BoE or Bind can also be found from random mob drops.

Blue Items: Blue rare items will drop Small Prismatic Shards, and sometimes Large Prismatic Shards. You can get Blues from more challenging quests. You can also find Blues from dungeon bosses even as a BoE from any random mob.

Purple Items: For disenchanting a purple, you will get a Void Crystal. In Classic, you will only be disenchanting purples when the item you get is better than the raid items.

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