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WOW Shadowlands: Which Are The Best Places For Fishing?

Posted: Dec 29, 2020

For WOW players, Shadowlands can be said to be the best expansion in recent years. Because both novices and veterans, all kinds of new content are waiting for them. Such as raiding, PvP, or advancing the Covenant storylines, if you want to experience something different, you can choose to fish.

Since vanilla WOW, fishing has always been a relaxing activity. An open body and time are needed. Fish and other rare materials that can be caught are an essential part of other end-game professions such as cooking, which is still introduced in the Shadowlands. The best food for Mythic+Castle Nathria needs a lot of fishable crafting reagents. Fortunately, in each of the four main areas, there are places where you can fish freely.

Fishing Trainer

Before leaving Oribos, you need to find the trainer - Retriever Au’prin in Hall of Shapes. You can find Au’prin at coordinates 47.62, 24.2. And you can buy fishing rods and bait for specific fish from nearby fishing supplier Au’nagl. Because bait is cheap and lasts 30 minutes per use, it is a good choice to buy as much as possible now.


You can catch Silvergil Pike here. There are many pools, lakes and waterways, but they may be occupied by mobs. However, there is one location (42,32) near the Sagehaven flight path that is great for fishing. There, you can choose from several pools and you will not meet any enemies.


Here, you can only catch Pocked Bonefish, and you can use it in many foods, even sub-optimal food for raids. The best place to catch Pocked Bonefish is near the Theater of Pain flight path in the center of Maldraxxus. You can go to 50,53 and you will see several NPCs fishing in a huge pool.


You can catch Iridescent Amberjack here, and this breed is unique for Aedenweald, it is found throughout the waters of the area. If you want to fish in a quiet environment, you can go to Tirna Vaal. Once there, you will see the fish pool at coordinates 63, 36. Note that any member of the Night Fae covenant can also fish in Queen’s Conservatory while tending to the spirits inside.


Here is full of hostile mobs, and the elevation changes limit the open water, so it is very difficult to catch Spinefin Pirahna here, but you can go to the 62,62 coordinates near the Darkhaven flight path, where there are no enemies.

If you don’t use bait, you can catch Lost Sole in any area. But as for Elysian Thade, it will always be very hard to catch, so don't forget to bring bait before catching it.

If you encounter powerful enemies in the process, the only way is to make full preparations before. Having good equipment can definitely make you through any difficulties. If you want to make your character stronger, you need to take advantage of WOW Gold.

Grinding WOW Gold is a long time thing in the game, so it is a wise choice to go to IGGM to buy the items you need. If you become a member of IGGM, you will enjoy more discounts.


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