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WoW Shadowlands: How Can We Get The Key That Can Open Battlefront Ration Chests

Posted: Jan 09, 2021

Shadowland has expanded to the afterlife of WOW. You can visit the world of the dead and join one of the Covenants. In the different world of Azeroth, you can also discover many treasures, including the Battlefront Rations lockbox.

Where to find Battlefront Rations Lockbox?

This box is located in the center of Maldraxxus, west of the Theatre of Pain. The box is located in the northmost of Spearhead Lake, at the southeast of House of Constructs.

If you have ever found these boxes by chance, you may also want to know how to open them. You need to get the corresponding keys. This process is not difficult.

How to get Battlefront Ration Key?

This key was dropped from some enemies in Shadowlands, but you can also buy it from vendors.

Enemy drops

These enemies are located in Maldraxxus, and you can obtain keys from Tharlix the Slicer, Pilfer Bur’tok and Grabber Ga’shock. All these enemies are at level 51-60.

Grabber Ga’shocks are in the same area as the box, and they are both at the northernmost end of Lake Spearhead. And in Spearhead, you can also find Tharlix the Slicer and Pilfer Bur’tok, which are a bit south of Grabber. These enemies will drop some items, and they all have a chance to drop Battlefront Ration keys. And, in this area, you can still catch yourself an undead hunter pet!

Buy from vendors

You can find a vendor named Atticus next to the Seat of the Primus. He sells a series of items, including Anima's companions, some suspicious food products, such as Nidore Ocularis, which allows you to see the cents. In short, here you can buy the keys to open the Battlefront Rations lockboxes.

In addition, to the north of Atticus, there is a vendor living in the House of Pain, where you can buy the keys.

No matter where you buy it, it will cost you 1 WOW Gold.

This is how to get Battlefront Ration keys. IGGM will continue to update the WOW guide in the future. If you are a fan of WOW, you can bookmark the news page on IGGM.

And IGGM is also an experienced WOW Gold seller. You can come to IGGM to buy WOW Gold whenever you need it. Whether you are a US player or an EU player, you can find the corresponding WOW Gold on IGGM.


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