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WOW: Patch 10.0.7 Tips for Release Date

Posted: Feb 23, 2023

Posted: Feb 23, 2023

Source:  IGGM

The toy data that players just discovered from World of WarCraft’s Public Test Realm may give players a hint when the next Dragonflight Patch will be released.

If players see any signs of an update through this holiday-themed toy, then World of WarCraft players won’t have to think that the next Dragonflight patch update is too far away.

At present, World of WarCraft is developing Patch 10.0.7. And this new Patch is mainly updated from Vault of the Incarnates Raid so far.

Through the repetitive data test conducted on World of WarCraft PTR, you can also know that players need to return to Forbidden Reach to learn more about the history of Black DragonFlight and Dracthyr, while experiencing the new Heritage Armor Quests For ORCS and Humans.

Dragonflight patch update

In the most recent PTR Patch, players also discovered that one item gave them a hint when this updated patch would arrive. Drake’s Big Basket of Eggs is a newly launched toy. After players collect enough, their Dragonriding Drake will receive a basket accessory filled with various Easter egg rewards.

This item needs to be collected by players during Noblegarden, World of WarCraft’s Easter holiday event, from April 10th to April 17th. As a result, many players have speculated that it may launch the new Patch during the weekly reset on April 4, the week before this holiday event.

Surprisingly, this guess had cleverly coincided with the recent 2023 route map released by World of WarCraft. In their roadmap, the developers also stated that the new Patch 10.0.7 will be released in the spring of 2023, and will also be released in the holiday update. Aside from the new Noblegarden event, April will be the perfect time for Patch 10.0.7 to go live.

At the same time, the route diagram also sets up the launch date of DragonFlight Patch 10.1 between spring and summer in 2023. Of course, if Patch 10.0.7 is indeed released in early April, the player can also rest assured that Patch 10.1 will be launched in June or July, followed by Patch 10.1.5, and will also be 2023 at 2023 Published at the end of the summer.

Dragonflight 10.0.7 PTR Patch Notes

The predicted update schedule reserves about two months between each update, which is perfectly matched with the previously released roadmap and general patch release rhythm.

If this recent news is not enough to surprise you, Drake’s Big Basket of Eggs will also surprise you. In addition to the cute appearance of this toy itself, this toy is also the key to opening more festivals decoration doors.

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In the future, players will see more cute jewelry, even new dragon mounts. It’s like candy basket decorations during Halloween theme activities or Santa Claus hats to players during Christmas.

Of course, if the player wants to get or collect these decorations as soon as possible, you can also choose to get enough WOW 10.0 Gold on to redeem the decoration. I hope you can play happily.


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