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WOW Classic SOD: Fishing Is Still A Worth Trying Profession In Phase 3! - Fishing Location Guide

Posted: Apr 29, 2024

Today, I'd like to discuss the WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 fishing locations. In these spots, you have the opportunity to fish for the Ironbound Trunk and Mithril Bound Trunk. I believe the Mageweave is still quite lucrative in Phase 3, making these fishing locations particularly valuable.

WOW Classic SOD: Fishing Is Still A Worth Trying Profession In Phase 3! - Fishing Location Guide

Iron Bound Trunk

We'll start by talking about the Iron Bound fishing area. The fishing levels are usually around 150, with a plus 75 bobber. You can do this almost everywhere.

Stranglethorn Vale

In Northern Stranglethorn Vale, just along the little inlet around Grom'Gol, you'll find some of the best Iron bound fishing spots.

Alterac Mountains

Another location is going to be the Alterac Mountains, just north of Dalaran, and all the way up this coastline. It's easiest to get by either flying to Southshore and running up if you are Alliance, or Horde can go to Undercity and run across the lake. Or Horde can also go to Tarren Mill.

Arathi Highlands

Next, we have the Arathi Highlands. You can fish at Faldir's Cove, which is a great spot, and a bit up and down the coastline.


Another location for Iron Bound is going to be Desolace. You can fish along the coastline all the way up and all the way down to Shadowprey Village. Pretty good fishing, but the only problem is that t are some high-level giants roaming around. But once you're level 50, it should not be a problem. They won't really attack you unless you stand right on them.

Dustwallow Marsh

The Dustwallow Marsh is actually a decent fishing area. You can go south from the Barrens, or if you're Alliance, you can go to Theramore Isle. I'm not sure if there is much fishing on the inner part and these island chains, especially in the Nat Pagle's area.

WOW Classic SOD Dustwallow Marsh

Mithril Bound Trunk

Next, we have the Mythril Bound Trunk areas. These are the high-end areas w you're going to be getting Magecloth, Runecloth, Rugged Leather, Thick Leather, and some really high-level potential items like World Drop recipes.

Stranglethorn Vale

In Southern Stranglethorn Vale, this is probably the best place to fish, with most pools along the entire coastline in Booty Bay and all up and down this coastline.


Then we have Feralas. You can fish along the entire coastline, and t are some great pools that you can fish in to get the Mythril Bound Trunks.


Moving on, let's talk about Tanaris, a prime fishing location stretching from Steamwheedle Port down to the southernmost area. It's important to note that the drop rates don't extend all the way down to the super southern region w numerous turtles reside. It's remarkably lucrative, as many players tend to flock to Stranglethorn Vale or Feralas, making Tanaris a hidden gem for making decent WoW SOD Gold through fishing.


Lastly, we have Azshara. This is pretty much max-level fishing. If you are fishing in the Bay of Storms, you need at least Level 330 for fishing, so you also need to have pretty much max level with a bobber.

If you're going for the elemental pools, which have Essences of Water and Elemental Water that can drop from them, you'll need even higher fishing levels. The Bay of Storms fishing is also just good for running along the coast and fishing up the same max-level pools that you need.


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