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WOW Classic SOD: The Best Cheese Strategy To Solo Bosses & Earn Coins In Phase 3!

Posted: Apr 30, 2024

Do you often have trouble defeating some of the toughest bosses in WOW Classic SOD Phase 3? Don’t worry! Here, we’ve got you covered with our best tips for tackling tough boss fights and grabbing the loot with ease.

Imagine defeating bosses single-handedly and earning hundreds of WOW Classic SOD Gold every day using just Enchanting Materials. We’ll also show you how to get the rarest and most expensive recipes in minutes instead of hours. So, let’s uncover the secrets of Phase 3 cheese strategy.


SOD Phase 3 is very different from the previous phases. Although it feels like the game is trying to maximize your agency as a main character, whether it’s epic weapons that take 100 hours to acquire or trinkets that cost thousands of gold to purchase. But more often than not, we’ll be forced to do all kinds of solo grinding stuff that we didn’t have to do in the first two phases.

That’s where the cheese strategy in this guide comes in, which will show you how to save time and hassle grinding the rarest and most powerful items in the game.

WOW Classic SOD: The Best Cheese Strategy To Solo Bosses & Earn Coins In Phase 3!

We’ll discuss how to easily solo a tough boss like the infamous Princess in any class. Even if you don’t want her Epic Best in Slot dagger, she still drops some of the highest value disenchanting materials in the entire game.

Plus, we’ll also discuss some of the best ways to solo farm ultra-rare items, such as Mighty Rage Potion Recipe and Libram of Voracity.

Loot Strategy Breakdown

Let’s start by talking about loot farming strategies for Princess Theradras boss. You can earn 60 gold per hour by breaking down the blue items she drops, and you can farm 5 Wild Offerings at the same time to buy Best In Slot Raiding Gear.

The most we did, though, was gamble 10 cards from Felwood’s vendors, which gave you the chance to get cards worth over 900 gold each. This is really attractive.

It’s worth noting that while Blade of Eternal Darkness dropped by this boss is indeed suitable for every spellcaster in the game, the biggest problem is that there is a group of spellcasters in every group that wants to kill Princess. So if you want to make sure you get this epic BiS gear, going solo is almost always your best option.

In order to solo Princess, you’ll definitely want to get Scepter of Celebras first, which allows you to skip the entire questline and jump straight to the last section where Princess is. The entire group only takes about 15 minutes to complete, so I highly recommend it.

WOW Classic SOD: Princess Theradras Boss

Key Tips For Soloing Maraudon

Once you acquire Scepter, you can now easily start farming Maraudon solo at any level. The first key tip for soloing Maraudon is that you absolutely need to have 8% movement speed with your boots. This is very important to not get knocked down by Princess.

If you don’t have any pets or summoning abilities, then you’ll need Swiftness Potion to actually reach Princess and optional Target Dummy. You’ll also need Agamaggan’s Roar, which you can later use to farm Wild Offerings, if you wish.

When teleporting to Maraudon, the tip here is that speed is really key. If you wait too long, the patrol will start to look a little weird. If you’re playing as Priest, you can use pets, or if you’re Mage, you can use Blink spell to get over. But if you don’t have any of these things, this is also a good time to pop a Swiftness Potion.

Then at this point we go directly across the bridge to the reset point, which is the rock near the cave entrance. Once we reached the reset rock, we immediately logged out and when we logged back in, all the mobs were gone.

Another tip is that if you don’t have any pets, using items like Nifty Stopwatch or Skull of Impending Doom is also critical. Like Princess battle itself, you’ll definitely want to use any kind of instant spell-casting ability you have.

WOW Classic SOD Maraudon Dungeon Guide - Location, Routes And Loot

So for my Priest, I mainly use Shadow Word: Pain. I also rotate my pets. The reason being is that whenever a pet is on her, she will temporarily start stamping. And these items will give you a really good window into maximizing your pet’s DPS.

My favorite way to play the game is to walk around the outside of the room, but the real trick here is by jumping onto the side walls so you can temporarily hide from Princess. But the key is not to do this too many times in a row, because if you do, Princess will be more difficult to deal with once she’s back to full health.

If I’m ready, I’ll also summon the nearby Delirious Ancient, which makes this boss easier to kill, at least for Priest. And once that Delirious Ancient dies, he’s not immune to most of my DoTs. If I choose to kill him, I’ll go back to the reset point and go again to maximize loot.

High Chief Winterfall Is Also Worth The Cheese

But Princess is indeed not the only boss that can be cheesed. High Chief Winterfall in Phase 3 is one of the most profitable boss spawns in the entire game.

He is almost guaranteed to drop Winterfall Firewater, which is currently worth 22 gold on my server and can be sold immediately. What’s more, the boss’s respawn time is only 5 to 10 minutes. Therefore, there is no doubt that High Chief can be said to have the highest gold coin drop rate per hour in the entire game.

WOW Classic SOD: High Chief Winterfall

How To Farm Rare Recipes?

We’ve discussed the coolest boss cheese strategies in Phase 3. Now let’s talk about some ways to farm very expensive rare items and recipes.

One of my favorite things to do in the game these days is farming all Alchemy recipes. For my Priest, almost all the good formulas are very expensive, like those from Blasting Warriors’ Mighty Rage Potion.

The real reason Mighty Rage Potion Recipe is so expensive is that only Blackrock Slayer can drop the recipe. There are many Slayers in Blackrock building to the northwest, but no one can reach them.

My secret cheese strategy for getting recipes, though, is to use pets to easily pull out all Blasting Warriors at once, and then you can clear out all Slayers without taking damage by powering up on the outer edge of the building.

So Phase 3 is really all about letting players maximize a character, making them as powerful and improved as possible for a better gaming experience.


Now we’re ready to do it with all the strategies we’ve laid out, whether it’s soloing Princess to earn a bunch of gold, or farming Winterfall Firewater to collect Firewater.

Of course, we are also ready to achieve maximum success in open world farming. However, there are so many farms to choose from, I’m really curious which one you will try first. Regardless, follow this guide and you will literally get rich.


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