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WOW Classic SOD: Maximize Your DPS Under The Boss Mechanics Of Sunken Temple

Posted: May 08, 2024

Allow me to present to you a Sunken Temple boss guide for WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3. Today, our primary objective is to optimize your damage output and implement strategies to minimize kill times effectively. So, without wasting time, let's delve right into it.

WOW Classic SOD: Maximize Your DPS Under The Boss Mechanics Of Sunken Temple


When we reach the Sunken Temple, the first boss we will encounter is the Atal'alarion. This fight is ultimately just a DPS fight. You're going to be trying to beat the boss before the first Demolishing Smash is cast.

This happens anywhere between 27 and 30 seconds. If your kill time is not quite under 30 seconds, you could pop a Limited Invulnerability Potion. This negates the knock back entirely and ensures that you have higher raid damage and more uptime on the boss.

Festering Rotslime

For the Festering Rotslime fight, you want to either destroy the 5 objects normally, or you could sacrifice some of your melee and let them get devoured. This will count as an additional object. Just make sure that you give all of your melee that are getting devoured by the Water Breathing buff.

Everyone will also want to pop a Free Action Potion in this fight. This will allow you to completely avoid the Gunk debuff and not have to get dispelled. When you get dispelled, it leaves a pool of slime on the ground, causing you to have more raid damage and less movement.

Atal'ai Defenders

The next boss we encounter is the Atal'ai Defenders. In this fight, you're going to have to have another Mage or another class put up debuffs for you. Since you're having to start from zero every single time, a new Atal'ai Defender comes out. Prepare for a sufficient amount of WoW SOD Gold is also essential.

You need to have 1 Mage to Scorch, and let the other Mages just casting Frost Firebolt the entire time. That's kind of how this fight works at the moment, with the encounters lasting a very short amount of time for every single new defender that comes out.

Dreamscythe & Weaver

This fight's very straightforward. In the first phase, you focus down Dreamscythe. In the second phase, you focus down Weaver. And in the third phase, you keep focusing on Weaver and pop all your CDs, and then add Cleave into your rotation if you have any Cleave.

Make sure you do it now since they share a health pool. The only thing to add on to this fight is you can target yourself with a Snowball to mitigate the knock back for when the dragons cast the Acid Breath.

WOW Classic SOD Sunken Temple

Jammal'an & Ogom

The dynamics of the second phase vary depending on the adversary encountered in the first phase. While the first phase consistently presents the challenge of dealing with the Agonizing Weakness debuff, which remains constant across encounters, there are distinct strategies to employ for the second phase.

Ideally, you'll aim to face Jammal'an in the second phase. This scenario entails coping with significant AoE damage and a fear effect particularly impactful for melee DPS. Conversely, should Ogom emerge in the second phase, preemptive consumption of a Free Action Potion can circumvent the adverse effects of the Hammer of Justice stun, ensuring smoother progression through the encounter.

Morphaz & Hazzas

For the first phase, you'll want to preposition for where the Morphaz will spawn. In the second phase, once the Fire Elementals come out, make sure you don't kill any of them, so everyone gets sent down and receives the Lucid Dreaming debuff. Once everyone's sent down, pop all of your cooldowns and burn the boss before they cast the Eternal Slumber.

Shade Of Eranikus

You may want to have 3 range players bait the puddle so that everyone else can stand still and do maximum damage. Make sure that you keep debuffs when the Shade of Eranikus goes invulnerable. This will be whenever the Shade of Eranikus is casting the Deep Slumber.

Make sure you bring some Elixir of Poison Resistance with you to get rid of the Lethargic Poison debuff. Dispelling it yourself will yield you much more damage, since you're not having to wait for someone to manually dispel it off.

Avatar Of Hakkar

In the encounters, melee DPS should stack directly behind the boss, while ranged attackers and healers should position themselves slightly farther back, prepared to adjust their positioning in response to the Bubbling Blood.

Ranged attackers and healers should initially stand at the upper part of the boss arena, behind the melee DPS, and then gradually move downward as the Bubbling Bloods emerge.


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