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WOW Classic SOD Phase 3: This New Songflower Serenade Buff Will Be The Key To Your Success At Sunken Temple!

Posted: Apr 29, 2024

As we all know, Sunken Temple Raid introduced in Season of Discovery Phase 3 brings a whole new challenge to players. Therefore, it is very urgent to find ways to fully optimize its damage and parses to ensure that the dungeon runs successfully.

For raiders, carrying the necessary consumables to enhance their stats is crucial, and getting the right World Buffs is a top priority. This will be the key to your team’s success in clearing all bosses as quickly as possible.

Among them, Songflower Serenade as a newly added World Buff in WOW Classic SOD Phase 3 will provide power for your raids. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to quickly help you get this powerful Songflower Serenade Buff.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 3: This New Songflower Serenade Buff Will Be The Key To Your Success At Sunken Temple!

Songflower Serenade Buff Explained

Simply put, Songflower Serenade Buff increases the character’s chance of critical hits and increases all attributes by 15 points for 1 hour. Another important thing to note is that this buff can be reduced on cooldown by using Chronoboon Displacer. This item is sold in all major cities and can be purchased from Reagent Vendor for WOW Classic SOD Gold.

You receive this buff after interacting with Cleansed Songflower in Felwood after completing a small quest chain that allows you to harvest the flower after its respawns.

Start Quest Chain

First, you need to go to Felwood to start the quest chain. Depending on your faction, you will need to talk to NPC near Emerald Sanctuary. Among them, Alliance players need to find Arathandris Silversky, while Maybess Riverbreeze is the goal of Horde players.

This quest will require you to collect 15 Blood Amber. You can get all Ambers by killing Dessecus, Warpwood Shredder, and Warpwood Moss Flayer mobs in Felwood.

After turning in Blood Amber, you’ll receive Cenarion Beacon, which you’ll need to keep in your inventory if you want to get the buff again later. But if you accidentally lose it, just talk to NPC corresponding to your faction to get another one.

WOW Classic SOD: How to Get the Songflower Serenade Buff?

You’ll then be given a series of quests to choose from, depending on your character’s profession. Here are all the quests available, as all quests are given to Horde and Alliance factions:

  • Salve via Hunting: Collect 6 Corrupted Soul Shard when killing mobs
  • Salve via Mining: Collect 4 Tainted Vitriol at the mining node
  • Salve via Gathering: Pick up herbs to collect 4 Fel Creep
  • Salve via Skinning: Collect 5 Patch of Tainted Skin via skinning beasts
  • Salve via Disenchanting: Disenchanting Uncommon items to collect 1 Lesser Nether Essence

Once you turn in any of the listed tasks, you will receive 2 Cenarion Plant Salve, which will help transform Corrupted Songflower into a Cleansed Songflower. You can find flowers in these areas as their respawn time is around 20 minutes.

Available Addon

You can also install Nova World Buffs addon, which will help you track respawn times and show you the location of each flower. That’s everything you need to know about how to arm yourself with powerful buffs to help you when raiding.

While this buff is optional, it’s worth it, as some of the group’s encounters have considerable DPS requirements, especially on the ultimate boss. Good luck to you, heroes of Azeroth, and may you be rewarded with some amazing loot as you explore Season of Discovery Phase 3!


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