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WOW Classic SOD: How To Find This New Secret Toy In Phase 3 Blackrock Depths? - Rainbow Generator

Posted: Apr 28, 2024

In WOW Classic SOD, many players are enjoying exploring the world and finding fresh content that has been added to the game. Because each phase so far has been filled with a mysterious atmosphere, and players can obtain interesting or useful new items by completing these hidden tasks, such as Cozy Sleeping Bag questline in Phase 2.

As always, players can also discover a new hidden quest line in Blackrock Depths in Phase 3 and be rewarded with a brand new item: Rainbow Generator.

This is an on-use Trinket, a fun toy-like item that can create a rainbow between two players. It may not be as useful as Cozy Sleeping Bag, but the gorgeous effect is eye-catching!

But to get it, you have to complete the most criticized challenge among players, Jumping Puzzles. In this guide, we’ll give you step-by-step tips on how to complete this questline and ultimately get this Rainbow Generator Trinket.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Find This New Secret Toy In Phase 3 Blackrock Depths? - Rainbow Generator

What Does Rainbow Generator Do?

Rainbow Generator, as a Trinket, must be equipped to use its abilities. It can cast a giant rainbow to connect two players. All you have to do is click on another player, activate Trinket, and see this gorgeous and stunning effect.

Just something to note, since this is a Channeled effect, it will end when you are interrupted, a fight starts, or the channel ends after about 30 seconds.

How To Get A Rainbow Generator?

The first thing most players will need to do is spend WOW Classic SOD Gold to buy some Noggenfogger Elixirs from a merchant and assemble a team capable of making it through Blackrock Depths without dying. Because if a player dies while trying to get Rainbow Generator, the party will have to leave the instance and reset it for another attempt.

Go To Blackrock Depths

Enter BRD and open the locked door. Continue forward and open the second locked door on the right. Go down the sloping corridor and open the locked door on the left wall. Go up the stairs, go right, and continue up into Ring of Law. Then go to the other side, enter the hallway, and turn left.

At this point, you should see a bridge over the lava in the distance. On the bridge, you’ll see a small ledge below with a green name on it. Next, your goal is to jump down safely and talk to this NPC.

WOW Classic SOD: Blackrock Depths Dungeon Guide - Routes, Loot And Tactics

Jumping Puzzles Challenge

The rest of Rainbow Generator questline mostly takes the form of lengthy Jumping Puzzles. Like all the previous steps, if someone misses the jump and dies, you’ll have to start over from outside the dungeon.

First, go to the far end of the bridge and then to the left, where you should see a rooftop around the corner that you can jump on. Spend your Noggenfogger Elixirs or use your Slow Fall ability, and jump over.

I would like to remind you that you need to step back a few times to position yourself for the perfect jump. The jump isn’t difficult, but if you jump too far to the right, you’ll hit rocks and lose momentum.

After jumping to the other rooftop, you’ll need to move forward almost straight while hugging the right wall. Turn around and look down, and you should see the ledge you saw earlier almost directly below.

If you aim well, you can jump out of here without using Slow Fall. But I would say it’s safer to jump to the ledge from a distance. Don’t forget to consume Noggenfogger Elixirs before landing, so you don’t go over the platform.

Find & Talk To Rugged Traveler

Once you reach the bottom, you’ve completed the most hard part of Rainbow Generator questline, and now all you have to do is talk to NPC.

After the last jump, walk into the room to find an NPC named Rugged Traveler. Please note that according to April 5th WOW Classic SOD patch notes, if there are more than two people in the room at the same time, Rugged Traveler will be frightened and unable to interact.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the mission is completed, only two team members can be sent to complete the last jump at a time to complete Rainbow Generator mission.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 3: Find And Talk to Rugged Traveler

Mission Rewards

Besides Rainbow Generator, the rewards for this questline include three Student Fodder consumables and Premo’s Poise-Demanding Uniform.

Poise-Demanding Uniform is a cosmetic shirt, and Student Fodder can be used to instantly gain 20% Rested XP. Since the upgrade process from level 50 to 60 becomes significantly longer, it would be a wise move to keep these consumables until SOD Phase 4.

That’s everything you need to know about getting a Rainbow Generator. Like I said before, it may not be a great buff, but it can be a great addition to your adventure!


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