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WotLK Classic Phase 2: Best Achievements and How To Complete Them

Posted: Feb 21, 2023

In Wotlk Classic Phase 2, I’ve been trying to make the most of my WoW game time, so I found the most impressive and difficult mounts and achievements in the game. Whether you want a 310 speed mount, 20,000 gold or a rare achievement that goes away forever in the future, this is the ultimate guide to what you should focus your time on.

Free 310 Proto-Drakes

First up, the Glory Of The Ulduar Raider, which gives the 310 speed Ironbound Proto-Drake and the Rusted Proto-Drake. I’ve only seen one Ironbound Drake. So, if you want to stand out. This is one of the best ways out of the 12 achievements.

WOTLK Classic Glory Of The Ulduar Raider

The hardest by far are Firefighter, Vezax and the whole of your hard modes. But if you want an easier 310 speed mount, max achievements still give fast mount. Why not put a group together and crank out the 14 achievements? I’m telling you I’ve gotten Way More Dates since I got my Plagued Proto-Drake.

Make 20k Gold

Meanwhile, what if I told you, you could make over 20,000 WotLK Classic Gold knocking out the Loremaster and Seeker achievements? You’ll get all that gold plus two of the most impressive titles in your very own runescape quest game.

What a cool extra bonus of all this questing is that you can get the Explorer title on the Tabard at the same time.

Tiger Mounts

While you hit up the old world, why not farm the Zulian Tiger and Raptors, which are gorgeous, rare and impossible to get? After Wrath, practically any combination of classes can duo the bosses. But there are new solo strategies for every class, as well.

Salty Title Guide

If cruel tiger mounts are your thing, try fishing instead. If fishing is one of the most profitable and fun activities in the game, I’m going for the “Salty” title.

All that fishing will lead to thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold and the motivation you need to finally do that Fishing Daily for Stormjewels plus if you win the Kalu’ Ak, Fishing, Derby, you have a chance at the Dread Pirate Ring, which grants a 5 XP bonus. There isn’t another Heirloom like it, so this ring is one of the bigger Flexes in the game.

Insane In The Membrane Guide

But the actual biggest Flex in the game is insane in the Membrane. The Epic title and achievement forces you to work through some of the most time-consuming obscure, expensive and difficult reputations. At least all that Bloodsail reputation farming gives a free hat on the title, too.

If you need an impressive goal to work towards in between raids, there’s nothing better.

Time Lost Proto-Drake

I’m working up the courage to farm the Time Lost Proto-Drake that farm will easily take you weeks of time to get. Camping to spawn points, falling asleep and waking up to find somebody else got the tag 30 seconds earlier.

WotLK Classic Time Lost Proto Drake

But it’s all worth it to have an impossibly rare mount that will turn heads for years to come.

Epic PVP Achievements

If you want something faster paced, the Epic PVP achievements lead to the exclusive Battlemaster and Conqueror titles. Plus, you can max out PVP reps to get my favorite, a Haushaltsdienst Krieger or just Stockpile Honor for Epic Gems for the next phase.

You could also win 300 arena games for the very cool Tabard of Brute. I mean business.

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Mount Collecting

And if you haven’t started mount collecting yet, Mountain o’ Mounts gives a very rare Dragonhawk mount.

While you work on Mountain o’ Mounts, you have a reason to go back and get epic mounts, like Ashes of Al’ar or The Horseman’s Reins. This achievement will improve every aspect of your character and set you up beautifully for future expansions.

One of the best ways to work towards your Dragonhawks is by doing the Argent Tournament dailies. You’ll be maxing out your reputations and earning mounts at the same time.


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