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WOTLK Classic: Is Holy Priest Worth Trying In PVE? - Pros And Cons

Posted: Aug 01, 2023

Here I’ll dive into Holy Priest and explore three interesting reasons why you want to play this class in PVE. And some considerations that might make you think twice. So whether you are an experienced player or a novice, this tip might be useful to you.

Advantages Of Holy Priests

The first is powerful single target and reactive healing. He has abilities like these Holy Word: Serenity, Flash Heal and Greater Heal. He can quickly heal anyone on his team.


Guardian Spirit is also a good single target healing buff or defense, as it prevents critical hits. On Critical Strike he heals the target for 40% health and increases your healing on targeted allies by 60%.

WOTLK Classic: Is Holy Priest Worth Trying In PVE?


Next, he also has powerful utilities. Holy Priest has a Dispel like all healers, called Dispel Magic. But the difference is that Holy Priest casts Mass Dispel. Not only does it dispel some damage from the entire swarm, it also removes applicable buffs from mobs.

Holy Priest also has Mind Soothe feature, which lets the team jump over some enemies by zooming out to detect what’s going on around your party’s range.

Moving on to the next big utility spell, we have Power Infusion. Power Infusion now grants your chosen target and yourself a 25% Haste buff for approximately 20 seconds. But this ability might cause some debate in the group.

Speaking of splinter groups, you also have Leap of Faith. When this ability is present, it can pull party or raid members to Holy Priest’s position. Help rescue other players who are getting attention in PVE or just can’t seem to escape the flames in time.

The last major spell is Spirit of Redemption. It’s filled with endless mana and even has a quick heal in 10 seconds of you hitting the button. Besides that, it has an exceptional ability to get everyone on their feet when you fly the white flag on a sinking ship.

Short Cooldown

Third, Holy Priest’s Burst Healing cooldown is very short. Holy Word: Serenity is a great cure and one of the best you can get. It also has a reduced cooldown when you cast Flash Heal, Greater Heal, or Prayer of Mending.

This also happens in Holy Word: Sanctify, as Circle of Healing and Prayer of Healing reduce their cooldowns. Holy Word also assigns two additional charges, and you start to muddy the waters between true bursts and sustained healing. This allows for a very active play style with a very short cooldown.

WOTLK Classic: PvE Holy Priest Healer Guide

Disadvantages Of Holy Priest

But there are 3 primary factors you need to consider before choosing this Holy Priest.

Limited Mobility

First, what we can’t ignore is his limited mobility. You can assign shield movement speed increases and cast Angelic Feather, but that’s about it. If you take Restoration Druid as an example, they can transform into a kitten form with a constant 30% increase in movement speed.

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Healing Limitations

Weak tick healing and damage reduction also affected Holy Priest. As mentioned before, Holy Priests are great single target healers, but this means they lack healing for other places.

Being reactive healers by nature, combat affected them and doesn’t have many ways to prevent damage. The best way to prepare is to have your Serenity and Sanctify off cooldown. You’ll need to spend more with WOTLK Classic Gold to upgrade your Echoes of Light abilities. Just to note, you can use the code “Lich” to get 3% off.

Weak Viability

One of the most glaring weaknesses of Holy Priests is their weak survivability. He is also one of the few healers in WOTLK Classic to use cloth. You have Guardian Spirit, but you mostly cast it for other people. You can also specify Fade out, which reduces damage by a small amount, but the effect is still small.

These are my personal reasons why you should or should not play Holy Priest. Personally, I love it because I believe they are the most authentic therapists. The play style of Reactive Healer is very satisfying. This means a lot. See you next time!


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