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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: A Complete Guide For Zhang Liang Boss Fight

Posted: Mar 04, 2023

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has just been released. As I said, this game is still very difficult. I thought lots of people particularly get stuck in the boss fight for Zhang Liang. So, in this article, I will give you several strategies in order to help you take this boss down.

Zhang Liang Phase 1

So, the primary strategy was Zhang Liang, which is like other bosses in the game, though I feel like he’s probably a bit tankier than a lot of the other ones you’ll fight. He is that you’re going to want to deplete his Spirit Gauge and then do Fatal Strikes. This is a staple throughout the game and this boss was really teaching you this fundamental.

So, the best way to do that is to deflect his red glowing attacks. He has two different ones. One where he sort of charges at you and then, like, stops for a second and then sweeps. So, make sure when you deflect you, wait that second after he charges and you don’t panic deflect. 

The other one he tends to do while you’re up on top of him, which he kind of like grabs his hammer and he like swings it from the ground up at you and again this has a bit more of a delay than you would think. So, if you panic deflect, you’re going to get hit by that attack. So, make sure you wait a split second before deflecting.

Now, besides this, you’re obviously going to be looking to deflect his other attacks and then attack afterward. Be careful when you attack afterward and not to be too aggressive because sometimes times you can get locked into an animation and he’ll do one of his red attacks and you’ll not be able to get deflected in time and it’ll hit you.

So, only attack like once or twice afterward and then get ready to deflect immediately and you should play defensively in Phase One. This is also the case with Phase Two, but you should play defensively here. Just waiting for those red attacks to happen, punishing those red attacks and just trying to stay alive and deal a little damage here and there where you can while deflecting his regular attacks.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Liang

Zhang Liang Phase 2

Phase two is a little more complicated and its attacks are different, so you have to learn the timing on how to read them. 

But the strategy is similar. You want to stay in front of them, about close to mid-range. You don’t want to be very far away from him. The reason for that is that one of his like red glowing attacks actually throws his arm at you and if you’re too far away, you won’t be able to deflect it. You need to deflect that attack.

The fastest way to win this fight is deflecting his red attacks. And if you’re out of range, you cannot do that. This is very easy to read. The timing might take you a couple tries to get down. But you want to punish that attack every time, just about every time you punish that attack. If you attack once or twice afterward, it’ll be staggered and you’ll be able to get a Fatal Strike.

Again, just like Phase One, you’re going to be playing defensively when you’re standing in front of him, waiting for that red attack to happen. You will not be attacking like crazy. You will not be super aggressive with your Martial Arts or your spells or anything like that. When you can, take opportunities to hit them. By the way, if you're rich enough, you can equip yourself with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty GQ before fighting.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Liang 2

Generally, you’re going to be ready to deflect at a moment’s notice. So, watch his attacks, get ready to deflect and attack when you can. But don’t be really aggressive with it and just wait for those red attacks. He has a second red attack, and he does where he sort of like sweeps upwards and sweeps upward the other way and then sweeps upward as he walks forward. And this one is pretty easy to counterattack or to deflect if you read it right. Sometimes, it might take you a few tries. I mess it up here a couple of times. 

But that one is also a good one. It’s not as good as the other one in terms of the spirit build up you get because you actually like to break his arm on that one in it reduces the size of a Spirit Gauge significantly. But you still want to punish that one if you see it.

Zhang Liang Boss Fight Tips

The last tip I want to give you here is you should watch your Divine Beast gauge on the right side of the screen on the bottom right. You’ll notice throughout this fight in the phase two that it starts building up. 

It fills up as you attack and deflect. Once that it starts glowing, meaning it’s active. You want to hit circle and triangle or the buttons that activate your Divine Beast on PC, whatever that is for you. You want to hit those immediately. That will instantly end the fight. You do not actually have a Divine Beast at this point in the game, but for some reason, that will end this fight. 


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