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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How To Take Lu Bu Boss Down?

Posted: Mar 14, 2023

In this article, I was going to show you my strategy for the Lu Bu boss fight. I know a lot of people are struggling with this one, so I wanted to give you some tips things that I found that work really well for this build.

Lu Bu Mounted

Let’s start off at the beginning, where he is mounted in combat. When you go in, usually, he shoots a shot at you and the best thing you can do here is just dodge or quickly deflect.

Then, he’s going usually to charge at you with one of two red attacks: one that’s like really fast, a straight charge at you and one where he jumps up into the air and then sort of like makes a triangle down to you. So, he’ll go like kind of up at an angle and then down at an angle onto really quickly.

The first one, the direct charge, is much faster and the second one is slower, but it’s deceptive because the part where he likes to elevate into the air is slower part where he comes down is faster. So, you need to get these down in time these quickly. His actions on Horseback are probably much easier than what he does when he’s on foot, so getting this part down is just going to make the fight easier.

He usually does these two things over and over besides like random melee attacks and bow shots ring is horseback phases. They aren’t different, so he does this later on in the fight and also at the beginning of the fight. Just get used to deflect these red attacks and you’ll get him off horseback real quick.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu Boss Fight

Lu Bu On Foot

Now obviously, fighting him on foot is the challenge part of this fight and one of the things that makes a little more difficult is the fact that the horse continuously charges around the circle and the arena. So, if you don’t stay kind of in the center-ish area, you risk being hit by that horse. Try and keep your positioning to the middle of the arena if you find you’re getting off too far to one side kind of sprint back to the middle and reposition yourself.

Therefore, you don’t also have to worry too much about that horse during the fight. Now, there are a few attacks to look out for. Let’s talk about the critical attacks first: one where he sort of slams his spear down fire on the ground and then jumps into the air. You’re going to want to make sure that you wait for the last possible second to deflect this.

It takes a second longer than you think it should, he kind of comes down pretty slowly, so make sure you don’t press deflect too early with this and make sure you let it connect with you before hitting that deflect button. Otherwise, you’re going to do it too early and you’re going to get struck by this attack.

Another critical attack he does is where he sort of puts his spear into the ground and leaves a fire trail as he charges at you and again, this is another one where you have a tendency to deflect too early. Make sure you wait for him to be right up on top of you when you do this and before you deflect.

Another thing is if you see him do this when you’re really close to you, it can be nearly impossible to deflect this unless you have perfect timing.

What I suggest doing if he does this while you’re like point blank is just dodging quickly to the right and getting out of the way from him because obviously his spear is going to be on the opposite side of you if you dodge to the right. And he’ll usually just fly right by you and miss.

If you see him doing this when you’re Point Blank, just dodge out of the way. But, if you see him you know a good distance away, make sure you get in there for that deflect, so you can get Spirit depletion on it.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu Boss Fight 2

The last critical attack he does is one where he sort of like spins real quick and then he’ll do like a follow-up thrust. If you get hit by that first attack, it’s really hard to recover in time for the second attack. So, make sure even if you do get struck, you’re still trying to deflect that second attack.

Sometimes, he does this when you’re right on top of him and it’s hard to get a read whether he’s going to do the charge or a spin and you have like a split second to decide. This can be a very hard one to read and most of the time, I just recommend trying to dodge out of the way of this once you see it coming much like you would dodge out of the way of the charge attack if it’s Point Blank. That way you at least don’t get hit, and it’s a better trade-off than just taking a ton of damage from this attack.

Beyond these attacks, the challenging part is reading and deflecting his combos. He has very different combos, different timings and learning all these takes a few tries to say the least. And you really need to focus when you’re fighting him on foot on deflecting these attacks don’t be overly aggressive just simply read these attacks deflect them get in a hit or two.

If you have any sort of ranged spells when he jumps away to shoot at you with this bow, you can throw ranged attacks at him and deflect throw more ranged attacks at him. Make sure you’re getting chip damage on them. Fire Spells work badly for this build. I don’t recommend you to use it. No good build can be done without the support of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Genuine Qi, so you need to prepare a little bit more in advance.

He seems to resist fire pretty significantly. I would suggest something like poison putting damage over time on him if you can. But, you basically want to get any range damage you can on forward safe to deal damage and you don’t have to worry about some crazy combo.

Another challenging part for this fight is trying to heal and get separation heal, so make sure you take the opportunity to heal when you can, even if you’re at like half health and even though it’s maybe not the best use of a health pot when you’re at half health.

Sometimes, that’ll keep you alive because you might not have an opening to heal again before he does like two or three combos and maybe they only deal half your health bar. But you only have half your health bar because you haven’t healed, so try and keep your health above three quarters of health if you can. That’s another tip.

Lu Bu Boss Fight Tips

Two final tips I can give you is first make sure your morale is at 25 when you go into this fight. This is going to make things easier to take the time to farm enemies outside. If you’re not at 25 morale, make sure you get the flags, etc.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Cure Pot

And this might take you five minutes to 10 minutes depending on how much morale you need to farm, but that’s going to be faster. This fight will go easier. It’ll go faster than spending it and they’re dying for another five to ten minutes. It’ll give you a much better chance of doing this fight because it’ll make him easier to defeat. So, make sure that you go get your morale for 25.

Finally, make sure you have at least six Dragon Cure Pot uses for this fight. There are at least that many at this point in the game. If you don’t have at least that many, I would recommend going back for previous missions and finding the items that increases your Dragon Cure Pot uses in those missions in order to have at least six because if you only have like four or five for this fight it’s going to be rough.


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