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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Guide To Defeating Bo Cai

Posted: Mar 14, 2023

'The Yellow Heaven Burns,' one of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s first selectable side battlegrounds, looks pretty standard in design. Except for Changgui players who need some effort to defeat, it can easily deal with other enemies with in a few hits.

Among them, Bo Cai is an exception. Bo Cai looks like a normal human NPC, not other monsters. However, its Life Pool is very deep, and its unique attack skills and allies who have been helping him attack all show that we should not underestimate Bo Cai.

Even in combat, players rate defeating Bo Cai as one of the most tough battles in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. But once the player has the right strategy, defeating Bo Cai will not be so difficult.

All players should prepare for battle before fighting to make this fight a little easier. Players can go to the nearest flag and make sure this Divine Beast, Reinforcements, and weapons and armor are positioned correctly. If you don’t prepare well for a fight, there’s a good chance you’ll start fighting all over again.

Like the prerequisites for completing many missions, if players want to kill the ultimate boss, then maximizing Morality and Fortitude is essential, and it can also make your battle more effective.
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Bo Cai
Players can help make this fight easier by killing more enemies next to the previously resting flag to get Morality to 25 as quickly as possible. At the same time, the banner obtained by the player after killing the enemy can also increase Fortitude, thereby reducing the penalty for the player after losing the battle. Also, don’t forget to keep Divine Beast Meter fully charged at all times.

Many players with earlier character builds will find that Bo Cai isn’t too difficult to beat in one-on-one combat. But if you meet him with two friends by his side, it will be difficult.

One of them is even capable of killing players in the air. But as far as the weapon level table is concerned, Staff will be more dangerous than Straight Saber, so they recommend that you focus on killing the people on the left first.

The remaining one is not an elite, insignificant, and the player can kill him as soon as possible to fight one-on-one with Bo Cai. In fact, the purpose of defeating most bosses is the same. Players want to defeat Bo Cai to understand his skills faster and sum up experience.

Bo Cai’s most commonly used weapon is Spear Thrust. Bo Cai will grab the tip of Spear and attack around him with himself as the center. From this, he will jab forward, doing an Arcing Attack.

Players should avoid being attacked by Bo Cai under the right circumstances. Players can usually easily dodge the first two attacks of Bo Cai, but when facing the third attack, the player needs to back a certain distance in time to quickly dodge.
Come battere il Boss Bo Cai Guida Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Bo Cai unfortunately hit if he will briefly recover on the side for a while. It is best for the player to attack Bo Cai quickly with his weapon before being re-hit.

Although Bo Cai’s appearance doesn’t look aggressive, it’s just an appearance. Bo Cai will swing his Spear Thrust at the player after turning red, however, the swing at this time is not really attacking the player. Bo Cai will slowly walk around behind the player, raising Spear Thrust for a sneak attack.

Bo Cai has another attack method, he will use Spear Thrust to stab the player’s head directly instead of sneaking around behind, but the use time of the ability is the same.

Bo Cai doesn’t die instantly when he is knocked down for the first time, players just need to use this Divine Beast to give him a final blow to kill him successfully.

If the player wants to try to defeat Bo Cai, it is important to prepare before the battle. You can help your gear level up by getting enough Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Genuine Qi. Hope you have a pleasant gaming experience.


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