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What Classes Are Likely To Be Released In The Western Version Of Lost Ark?

Posted: Dec 24, 2022

Posted: Dec 24, 2022

Source:  IGGM

It's been almost a year since Lost Ark launched on Steam and opened up to the West. Since the game was first released in Korea, many of the updated content in the Korean version is still being added to the Western version at a slow pace.

While the Korean version of Lost Ark has been getting some big updates earlier this year, the pace of new updates has slowed since then. As of today, the Korean version still has some classes that have not been released yet. Next, I will introduce what classes are currently missing in the Western version and when they are expected to meet Western players.

As I mentioned before, in order to close the gap between the Western version of Lost Ark and the Korean version of the game, the development team of the game has gradually slowed down the release of new classes since last summer. Therefore, all subclasses of the Martial Artist, Gunner, Assassin, and Mage specialties follow the order of release of the Korean version. So, what are the classes that haven't been released yet?


The first class to be introduced that has not yet appeared in the western version of Lost Ark is called the Artist. She belongs to the Specialist category. During combat, the Artist can also use phantom powers to aid her allies and deal considerable damage.

Lost Ark Artist

When the Artist's Harmony Meter is full, she can create up to 3 Harmony Orbs. And her allies can pick up these Harmony Orbs to get either heals or buffs. According to Lost Ark' 2023 roadmap, the Artist will officially launch in the West in April 2023.


The Meteorologist belongs to the second subclass of the Specialist category. Her fighting style is very similar to that of the Artist, also using the power of illusion. Her weapon is an umbrella. When she wants to unleash an attack, she folds or unfolds her umbrella. Especially when the umbrella is folded, she can also wield it like a spear.

Lost Ark Meteorologist

The Meteorologist seems to be an aggressive class. But in reality, she can attack both melee and ranged and has a strong AoE ability. She can even defeat her enemies by creating storms and rain.

Last summer, the Meteorologist was first released in Korean, so she is now one of the most recent classes. However, since Amazon Games hasn't said much about the class, it's unclear if and when the class will be released in the West for Lost Ark.


For now, Slayer is the last class released in Lost Ark Korea. She will meet the players next month.

Lost Ark Slayer

Slayers are very similar to Berserkers, both wielding a large sword. She is the first Warrior subclass among female characters. In order to better highlight the Slayer's characteristics, Lost Ark plans to make some adjustments on her to suit her appearance and fighting style.

More Upcoming Classes In The Korean Version

Waiting until 2023, the Korean version of Lost Ark will also welcome a new Assassin subclass. Her name is Soul Eater. At present, it is only known that she will wield a scythe, but her specific moves and specific release time have yet to be further confirmed.

Also, there are rumors that Lost Ark will also add a male version of a Martial Artist subclass. However, Smilegate has yet to respond to this point.

Let us wait for the arrival of these new classes. When they are officially released, we can use Lost Ark Gold to equip good weapons and equipment for them!


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